Beaumont, Tex., Has Searchlight Car

Beaumont, Tex., Has Searchlight Car

The shops of the Beaumont, Tex., Fire Department have assembled equipment for a searchlight car, believed to be the largest in the state of Texas.

The body is mounted on a Reo truck with 151-inch wheel base capable of carrying a 6,000 pound load. The power plant is a Westinghouse D.C. 11 1/2 kw., 125-volt generator driven by a 29 h.p. Hercules motor and developed 14.7 kw. on tests. The switch board is mounted and installed in the cab of the truck and consists of ammeter, voltmeter, main line circuit breaker, double pole, double throw 200-ampere switch and twelve branch circuits controlled by Westinghouse sentinel circuit breakers.

There are four flood lights with 1,500-watt lamps, one flood light with 2,500-watt lamp, one with 1,500-watt projection lamp mounted on elevator on top of the truck. Four lights with 500-watt lamps are arranged on special collapsible stands with 25 feet of Tirex cable; six lights with 250-watt lamps are mounted on the wheel base with 25 feet of Tirex cable.

Two Appleton cable reels with 400 feet of No. 8 Tirex cable on each are equipped with collector rings and brushes. There is 800 feet of No. 10 Tirex cable with connectors arranged in various lengths, 1,000 feet of No. 14 Tirex cable with pin connectors arranged in various lengths. All wiring between lighting units, generator, switchboard and cable reels and receptacles is lead covered, rubber insulated wire. Light units on top of the machine are connected with pin connectors so as to be easily removed if necessary.

Searchlight Car in Use in Beaumont, Texas

Doors are provided on each side and the rear to permit access to the cable reels, portable lighting equipment and power plant, and to provide ventilation. Provision is made to prevent gasoline leaking from the carbureter to drain on the engine room floor. There are large towing irons on the front and rear of the truck for towing purposes. The interior lighting of the body is served from the starting and lighting battery so as to have available lighting around the machinery in case the power plant is in trouble.

Lighting units mounted on the top of the truck are arranged to be raised and lowered a distance of five feet and to be turned in any direction desired. The cable reels are handled with a similiar arrangement. All of the portable and stationary equipment are provided with diffusing lens and hammered reflectors to minimize glare. The 14-inch light is provided with a clear lens for distant flood lighting. The total cable equipment on this truck is 2,600 feet.

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