Becoming a Fire Photographer

What’s the difference between a fire photographer and a photojournalist or fire buff? Blogger Mike Legeros has taken a closer look at the distinction in a new post that also proposes a set of standards on how a fire photographer might operate.

Fire Engineering has been fortunate enough to showcase the work of many dedicated fire photographers, whether on the covers of its print edition or in our photo galleries–photogs like Bob Bartosz, Steve Redick, Ron Jeffers, and many others. What sets these professionals apart is a dedication to their craft as well as a connection to the fire service and community itself.

“The label applies to someone with a set of demonstrated skills and practiced standards,” Legeros writes. “They’re adept at getting good shots, telling a good story, and sharing appropriate imagery. They’re agile on scene and know where to stand and where not to stand.” In his view, a fire photographer works with firefighters and not against them.

Check out the rest of Legeros’s thoughts on the subject here:


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