Bemidji Sounds like India —but it isn’t

Bemidji Sounds like India —but it isn’t

BEMIDJI is out in Minnesota, U. S. A., and not on the other side of the world. wherever you go— north, south, east, or west—you always find your fellow beings insisting upon adequate fire protection and water supply.

  1. And wherever you find these you will probably find a friend of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING.
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  3. Harold A. Swisher, for instance, is Asst. Superintendent of the Water Department at Bemidji, Minn. He has just written us:
  4. “FIRE AND WATER ENCINEERINC is a great help to me in my work. I get many good ideas from it that I use, and will say that I will not be without it as long as I have anything to do with a Water or Fire Department.”

  5. If any of our readers can tell us how we can be of even greater help to fire or water officials, we shall appreciate hearing from you. We want to give you what you want!

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