Benedictine University Offers Disaster Volunteer Scholarship

Benedictine University has recently announced the creation of a scholarship honoring those who have served in the aftermath of natural disasters. The University has pledged to provide up to $250,000 in waived tuition for students who traveled to support recovery efforts in locations devastated by natural catastrophes.
The scholarship is open to any new or existing online student who has, within the last five years, traveled to and assisted others during a natural disaster. Up to 125 recipients will be awarded tuition equal to one undergraduate or graduate course from any of the University’s online programs.
In addition to the new scholarship, Benedictine University has shown commitment to recovery efforts through its educational offerings. Specifically, the Master of Public Health program, offered through the University’s College of Education and Health Services, offers a certificate in Disaster Management. Additionally, the University trains nurses through its traditional RN-BSN and fully online Master of Science of Nursing programs. In recent years, Benedictine has also offered a First Responder program, which provided free college education to public safety personnel.

For more information on the Disaster Volunteer Scholarship, visit

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