Better Factory Fire Protection

Better Factory Fire Protection

A campaign to bestir action on the part of the legislature to the end of securing legislation for the betterment of fire protection in shops and factories throughout New York State has been set on foot by the Broome County Red Cross Society, which wants such legislation as will prevent a repetition of the disaster that visited Binghamton on July 22—the burning of the Binghamton Clothing Company plant. The Red Cross Society has sent the following letter to all senators and assemblymen:

“In common with other citizens of our State you. no doubt, learned of the frightful tragedy which occurred in Binghamton on the 22d of July last, whereby 32 factory employes lost their lives by fire, and others were seriously injured. This was in no sense an unforeseeable and unpreventable ‘accident.’ Methods of fire escape now in use in our city and immediate vicinity would, in all human probability, have _____revented the loss of a single life had they been in use in this factory. The building in its construction, with its wooden stairways as practically its only means of exit, was a type of factory construction in general, not only in this city, but throughout the State. The subject of better protection for employes in shops and factories in our State (who number hundreds of thousands), will no doubt be presented to the coming legislature, and as nothing of greater practical importance could engage its attention, we bespeak your earnest consideration of this matter and your co-operation in such legislation as will put beyond the range of possibility the repetition of this and similar horrors.”

Fire department officers of Cincinnati, O., testified before a coronet’s inquest into the deaths of five men in the Workingmen’s Hotel of the Salvation Army, declaring that orders of the fire department to clean up the building were not obeyed and that a rag shop, stable, repair shop, clothing storeroom and hotel were all conducted in the same building contrary to the State law.

Clay Center leads off in the organization of local fire prevention associations, the first to he formed in Kansas was organized there last week. Chief W. H. Willey, of the fire department, was the principal speaker. Permanent officers will be elected at its next meeting.

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