Lindenhurst, N. Y.—The annual Fire District meeting brought out a large number of firemen and taxpayers. Chief Charles Riehl, who completed two terms as head of the department, was given a rising vote of entire approval of his unceasing labors in the interest of the department and people of Lindenhurst. During his term the department has become completely motorized, placing it on a par with any department on Long Island, the membership has shown a steady increase and the proposition of erecting a modern joint department headquarters building has been given such undivided support as to insure its erection within the coming year. Chief Riehl’s record will stand as one of the bright pages in local firemanic history.

For several years the department has followed the rotation in office fixing the term of chief at two years, therefore Mr. Riehl did not seek a renomination. First Assistant Chief Albert Beyer was elected to the office by a unanimols vote of the meeting. Citizen directors re-elected were August Voldenauer and George Dittmann. Inspectors of election, Henry Heyer and J. R. Wieser.

The budget for the coming year, amounting to $6,380, wa sadopted, there being ninety-nine votes cast. The chief’s annual report and treasurer’s report were read and approved. Department Secretary William Rail recorded.

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