Bicentennial Brochure

Bicentennial Brochure

To highlight its fire prevention activities and at the same time offer a soft sell to its fund drive, the Pawtuxet, R.I., Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 has printed a Bicentennial Year brochure.

The major part of the brochure is a thumbnail sketch of the growth of the American fire service from the bucket brigades to the motorized pumpers. The brochure points out that during this time, the realistic fireground objectives changed from confining a conflagration to several buildings to holding a fire to a single building and finally to confining a fire to a single room.

The brochure was prepared by Donald W. Norberg, who heads the fire prevention education activities of Pawtuxet Company 1, and David Bouchard, the company’s training officer. They included in the brochure a brief history of the company, which is 85 years old, and words of praise from Mayor James L. Taft, Jr., of Cranston, which includes Pawtuxet, and Chief William H. Maine of the Cranston Fire Department. The company averages 500 responses a year.

A final paragraph makes the soft sell for contributions to help finance major renovations to the volunteer company’s station so that it can continue to provide service to the community.

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