Big Fire Starts While Firemen Fight Another

Big Fire Starts While Firemen Fight Another

New Castle, Del., Men Compelled to Fight Two Fires at Once—Kansas City Milling Plant Destroyed by Fire That Was Caused by Lightning—Record of the Week’s Burnings

Two Fires Keep New Castle Men on the Jump

At 10:50 P.M. on the night of August 13 the fire department of New Castle, Del., under the command of Chief James P. Campbell, received an alarm for a fire in a garage. Just as this fire was well under way the second alarm was received by phone at 11:45 for a blaze in the pattern shop of the American Manganese Steel Company in the west end of the Fourth Ward. This plant occupied a city block, the buildings being four stories in height and constructed of brick. Chief Campbell, leaving one of the two engines which had responded to the garage fire to take care of it, sent the other on the first alarm to the steel company’s plant. The other apparatus at the larger fire were one American-LaFrance 800-gallon steamer, one Sillsby 600-gallon pumper, one AhrensFox 600-gallon pumper, one American-LaFrance and one Reo combination, all motor driven. When Chief Campbell arrived at the steel company’s plant all four floors in the rear were going, and realizing that there was a bad fire on his hands he turned in a second and then a general alarm. There were two hydrants in the plant and three city plugs available, with four-inch steamer connections distant between 300 and 500 feet, with a pressure of fifty-two pounds. Two hydrant and six engine streams were thrown, with nozzles of 1 1/8 and 1 1/2 inches, the water main being eight inches. In all 3,200 feet of hose were laid, and smoke helmets and other tools were also brought into requisition. The city lines were supplied by standpipe and the company lines by direct pumping. The loss on the buildings, which were valued at $50,000, was $40,000; and the loss on contents, wood patterns, etc., valued at $400,000 was total.

Views of New Castle, Del., Fire. Left Picture-Just After It Was Under Control

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