Blaisdell Appointed Honolulu Chief

Blaisdell Appointed Honolulu Chief

William Wallace Blaisdell, assistant chief at Honolulu, T. H., has been appointed head of the department to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Chief Charles H. Thurston. H. A. Smith, second assistant chief will be promoted to first assistant chief.

The board of supervisors adopted the following resolution on the death of Chief Thurston:

“Whereas, Charles Henry Thurston, who first joined the fire department of the city and county of Honolulu as hoseman on January 1, 1897, and who later, through diligence and merit became assistant chief of the fire department on May 1, 1900, and chief of the fire department on June 15, 1901, respectively; and

“Whereas, Charles Henry Thurston, during his thirty-one years of membership in the fire department, was at all times keenly interested in greater protection of private and public property from fire, resulting in a vast development and improvement of the fire department by the complete motorizing of the equipment, the construction of modern and appropriate fire stations and in keeping the personnel of the fire department highly trained and efficiently prepared; and

“Whereas, Charles Henry Thurston’s service to the community as chief of the fire department ended on February 18, 1928, when he was removed by death;

“Now, therefore be it resolved that the board of supervisors of the city and county of Honolulu express the profound sorrow of the community for its loss of an esteemed and able public official, and the appreciation of the community for the efficient and conscientious service rendered it by Charles Henry Thurston;

“That this resolution be spread upon the rolls of the board of supervisors of the city and county of Honolulu for the purpose of permanently recording the memory of Charles Henry Thurston as that of an esteemed and public spirited citizen and official.”

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