Blaze Proves Value of Fire Stops

Blaze Proves Value of Fire Stops

The importance of having fire stops at floor levels in the structural iron H channels, was pointed out by William B. White, Chief Engineer. New York Board of Fire Underwriters who used the fire in the Terris Garden’s Apartments, Flushing, Long Island, as an example. In this fire one life was lost.

The blaze started in a fourth door apartment and it spread through an H-channel column past the fifth and sixth floors. It continued up the channel, similar to a flue, for there were no fire stops at floor levels. The fire spread to a blind attic about two feet high which covered the entire building. Firemen had little difficulty in extinguishing the blazes in apartments, and tenants were permitted to return to their rooms. Then it was discovered that the blind attic was involved. Extreme difficulty was encountered in reaching this spot. Four alarms were sounded. Before the fire was out it had caused $106,000 damage to the building.

Mr. White urged that interior partition walls be extended to the top of the roof boards and that openings be provided to permit access to blind attics.

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