Board Releases Fire Data

Board Releases Fire Data

A new study made by the National Board of Fire Underwriters shows that the estimated number of fires in American cities totalled 657,642 during 1947, according to the report of the Committee on Statistics and Origin of Fires, presented at the National Board’s annual meeting, May 27, at the Hotel Commodore in New York.

Of this estimated total 360,901 were building fires, 235,873 were grass or brush fires and 60,868 were other nonbuilding fires. The estimates were based on answers to questionnaires sent to fire chiefs in 4500 American cities of 2500 population and over. No attempt was made to estimate the number of fires in rural areas.

Out of the estimated 360,901 urban building fires, 252,458 or 69.9 per cent occurred in residential structures, the survey indicated.

Further study of these figures is expected to throw light on the problem of fire losses which have been steadily increasing in dollar value until, in 1947, they set a new record of $692,635,000. However, the report said “the present year bids fair to set a new peak.”

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