Body Support Unit

Body Support Unit

I D & M Corporation has developed an adjustable body support, the ELSA unit (emergency life saving accessory), for use by paramedics. Complete with shoulder rest, elastic head strap, head and back support, and adjustable leg support, the unit can position a patient’s upper body to angles ranging from 10 to 55 degrees.

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A combination strobe and flashlight for emergency use is available from HD Electric Company.

The strobe section emits 60 to 70 flashes per second and provides 360° visibility. Lens colors are red or amber. When a switch is snapped, it becomes a flashlight. A magnet permits mounting on ferrous metal surfaces. To permit hanging, a clip at the bottom of the grip flips out.

The light, with batteries, weighs approximately 1 pound and is 10¾ inches long. Two D cells supply power.

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Trauma Box

Mobile-Med has introduced the Life Kit trauma box, made of 16 gauge aluminum. Designed for paramedics, the box measures 21” long x 8½” wide x 14” high, and has six compartments. The kit weighs 10 pounds empty, and its silver outside surface makes it reflective to oncoming vehicles.

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Mid-Size Pumps

Hale Fire Pump Company has introduced midrange pumps, UL rated at 500 or 750 gpm that fit within the chassis rails of commercial trucks used for minipumpers. Features include a bronze impeller, renewable clearance rings, mechanical seal, and heat-treated stainless steel pump shaft. The pump can be installed for either split-shaft or PTO drive.

The drive unit can be mounted in either the horizontal or vertical position, while the volute can be rotated to discharge in any direction to facilitate pump mounting between narrow chassis rails.

The pumps have either two or three 2½-inch discharge valves, a 2-½-inch suction valve, a P75 relief valve with PM control and light, and an MV primer system.

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Hand Tightened Regulators

Mada Medical Products has developed its line of Hand Tightened Regulators for attaching regulators to oxygen storage tanks. The Kel-F tip is designed to insure a durable seal between tank and regulator. These regulators fit all tanks using a C.G.A. 540 fitting, according to the manufacturer.

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HD Electric Co. has introduced the Versa-Lite, a portable, 12-volt light. It offers light in spot, flood or dual beam from 3000 to 300,000 candlepower. According to the manufacturer, a 50-pound pull magnet in the base permits temporary mounting in any position on ferrous metal.

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Battery Replacement Pack

Dual-Lite, Inc., Emergency Lighting Division, has introduced a self-contained battery replacement pack, designed to replace all types of inoperative wet cell batteries in most standard emergency lighting units.

The unit consists of a 6-volt high capacity pure lead battery mated to a fully-automatic charger and transfer circuit. The built-in low voltage disconnect circuit disconnects the battery from the load when voltage drops to 80 percent of nominal.

The unit’s electronic housing is of molded, high-impact thermoplastic with a UL 94V-0 rating, and is available in 80 or 160-watt capacities for 90-minute minimum operation.

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Equipment Bag

Emergency Medical Equipment, Inc., has introduced the P.K. (Paramedic Kit) Bag which provides quick access to medications and equipment. Compartments, pockets, and Velcro tabs hold instruments in place. The P.K. Bag can be worn as a backpack, or carried as a jump bag by top handles.

The bag also has space for holding food and supplies for extended search and rescue missions.

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System Tests Air Purity

National Draeger, Inc. has introduced a system, the Aerotest, for determining the purity of breathing air from compressed air cylinders and compressors. A quantitative measure of purity, based on the use of selected gas detector tubes, the test is effective against carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and oil mist.

Type A uses a flow meter and a detector tube, and Type B has these features plus a reducing valve for lowering pressure.

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Smoke Ejector

Firecraft Division of Western Fire Equipment Co. has introduced a smoke ejector with a 16-inch high-efficiency blade, rated up to 5300 cfm. The unit has a double-sided, adjustable clip that enables one man to quickly hang it on either a right or left-hand door. Options include a totally enclosed non-ventilated motor or an explosion-proof motor.

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