FIRE COMPANY APPARATUS AND PROCEDURES, Lawrence W. Erven; Glencoe Press, 8701 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, Calif. 90211; 338 pages, $6.95.

A major portion of this book is devoted to hydraulics and pump operation under conditions ranging from drafting to supplying master streams. Both rural and metropolitan situations are considered by the author, who is a battalion chief in the Los Angeles City Fire Department. Aerial ladders and elevating platforms are the subjects of separate chapters. The book also covers the construction and maintenance of apparatus and a chapter on driving includes a section on tillering aerial ladder trucks.

SALVAGE AND OVERHAUL PRACTICES, edited by Everett Hudiberg and Carl E. McCoy, 5th edition; Fire Protection Publications, Building Q-2, Room 20-C, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Okla. 74074; 121 pages, $3.50.

This latest in the International Fire Service Training Association series describes the folding, care and use of salvage covers and explains the use of other salvage equipment, such as portable pumps, water chutes and floor runners. There are suggestions for specific articles to be included in various types of salvage kits. Other chapters discuss overhaul procedures to limit damage and prevent rekindle, determination of the cause of fire, recognition and preservation of arson evidence and restoration of the premises.

DISASTER HANDBOOK, Solomon Garb and Evelyn Eng, 2nd edition; Springer Publishing Company, Inc., 200 Park Avenue South, New York, N.Y. 10003; 295 pages, $4.50 paperbound, $6.75 hard cover.

A section on rescue, first aid and emergency care has been added to this new edition. Other sections discuss the basic features of disasters, nursing in disasters, the major types of disasters and thermonuclear disaster. There are several lists of disasters of different types, such as fire, mine, flood, ship and earthquake.

MEANS OF ESCAPE IN CASE OF FIRE IN OFFICES, SHOPS AND RAILWAY PREMISES, Department of Employment and Productivity, HM Factory Inspectorate; available from Sales Section, British Information Services, 845 Third Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022; 44 pages, 40 cents.

British requirements for means of escape from buildings are defined in this pamphlet. Specific applications to both old and new buildings are cited in relation to accessibility and width of escape routes, fire resistance and ventilation.

BATTALION AND DEPUTY CHIEF, FIRE DEPARTMENT, Robert E. McGannon; Arco Publishing Company, Inc., 219 Park Avenue South, New York, N.Y. 10003; 346 pages, $6.00 paperback, $8.50 hard cover.

The questions in six New York City examinations are printed in the first part of this book. Other sections contain questions with keyed answers on fire technology and fire administration. The book is written for compliance with New York Fire Department regulations and procedures.

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