Book Shelf

Book Shelf

MACK, John B. Montville; Haessner Publishing, Inc., Newfoundland, N.J.; 203 pages, $14.95.

Although this is primarily a history of Mack commercial trucks, “Mack” includes more than two dozen photos of fire apparatus. Interspersed with information about commercial and offthe-road vehicles, brief bits of information add up to a concise history of the fire apparatus operations of the company. The old apparatus buff will appreciate the selection of photos that show the changes in Mack fire apparatus through the years.

SCUBA RESCUE AND RECOVERY, Jim Darby and George Beardsley; Scubaventures, 7905 Berkshire Drive, Hanover Park, Ill. 60103.

This pamphlet provides basic information for scuba divers who intend to do rescue and recovery work. Illustrations show various search patterns. There is advice on cold water diving and a discussion of precautions for ice diving. Besides general operating procedures, there are chapters on underwater signals, navigation methods and recommended equipment.

A companion booklet, “Scuba Rescue and Recovery Log Book,” $2.00 from the same source, provides a means of recording activities of a diving team.

Book Shelf

Book Shelf

FIRE-RESISTANT STEEL-FRAME CONSTRUCTION, American Iron and Steel Instiute, Engineering Division, 150 East 42nd Street, New York, N.Y. 10017; 60 pages, single copies free.

After a brief discussion of fire tests, this paperbound booklet describes methods of fireproofing steel with various materials, including gypsum, concrete, ceiling panels and intumescent coatings. Protection of steel from fire through the use of liquid-filled columns and flame shielding also is described. A length summary of firerated construction, showing types of construction, fire-resistance ratings and the rating agencies, is in a 24-page section. Numerous line drawings illustrate the construction methods.

INSURANCE AND RESTAURANT FIRES, Insurance Information Institute, 110 William Street, New York, N.Y. 10038; 13 pages, 25 cents, reduced rates for quantities.

Aimed at giving restaurant managers tips for preventing fires, this pamphlet explains how restaurant hazards are evaluated by insurance companies and explains how observance of safety rules can reduce the possibility of tire. Protection of exhaust hoods with sprinkler systems, adequate clearance between hood duct systems and combustible materials, and interior finish are some of the subjects discussed and illustrated with color photos.

LEGAL INSIGHT, H. Newcomb Morse; National Fire Protection Association, 470 Atlantic Street, Boston, Mass. 02210; 113 pages, $3.25.

Through concise reports of legal cases, the author shows how various legal questions were decided. In most instances, the cases involve appeals from courts of original jurisdiction. In addition to decisions affecting the powers of chiefs, the cases cited cover disputes growing out of fire incidents, administrative actions, political rights, personnel problems and vehicle accidents.