Booth Completes Forty Years With Underwriters

Booth Completes Forty Years With Underwriters

Following the great Baltimore conflagration in 1904, the National Board of Fire Underwriters organized an Engineering Department, with the purpose of advising cities as to the improvements deemed necessary to prevent conflagrations.

This year, 1944, completes forty years of that work. Starting with the organization as one of its first engineers was Geo. W. Booth, who for the past thirty odd years has been the Chief Engineer.

During this period the National Board of Fire Underwriters has inspected all cities of the United States of over 25,000 population, and some in Canada. The total of such cities reported on exceeds 450, and in all of these there have been numerous reinspections and reports.

Probably the most outstanding work brought out under Mr. Booth’s supervision has been the Standard Schedule for Grading Cities and Towns of the United States, with Reference to Their Fire Defenses and Physical Conditions. This Schedule sets up the standards in water supply, fire departments, and fire alarm, and also on fire prevention codes and building codes. No treatise of this kind existed before. Its influence on the fire protection of the United States has been extremely wide, not only for the larger cities but also for the towns, villages and hamlets where protection was being improved or installed.

Mr. Booth is a graduate of Worcester Polytechnical Institute, which recently conferred the honorary degree of Doctor of Engineering upon him. He is an honorary life member of the National Fire Protection Association.

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