Boston Firemen Aid as Building Collapses

Boston Firemen Aid as Building Collapses

Collapsed Building of Pickwick Club, Boston, in Which 43 Persons Perished

The Boston fire department rendered valiant service on the occasion of the Pickwick Club disaster on Beach street at 3:30 a. m., July 4, when the 5 story brick building of which the club occupied the second floor collapsed, hurling nearly a hundred persons into an excavation and covering them with debris.

Forty-three dead bodies were recovered from the ruins and a large number of people were taken out alive after hours of digging by the firemen who were summoned to the scene by a bell alarm. Special calls were also sent ottt to bring additional companies on the scene.

Engines 7, 35, 10, and 22, Rescue Co. 1, and Ladders 17, 8, and 13 responded and the firemen worked amid the crumbling walls and overhanging beams dragging out survivors.

Fire Commissioner Theodore A. Glynn and Chief Daniel b. Sennott directed the operations. Deputy Chief Edward J. Shallow, Deputy Chief Henry J. Power, District Chief Victor A. Richer, and District Chief Charles A. Donohoe were among the officers who took part in the rescue work. Batteries of electric lights were set up by the Edison Company and the work was continued throughout the night. Mayor James M. ( urley spent hours on the scene.

The work of excavation on an adjoining lot and the failure to shore up the walls are believed to have caused the collapse. The Pickwick Club was an all night dance and dinner club and was entertaining a large crowd to celebrate the night before the Fourth when the crash occurred.

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