Boston Firemen Aid in Clean-Up Campaign

Boston Firemen Aid in Clean-Up Campaign

Acting under orders from Fire Commissioner Theodore A. Glynn and Chief O. Taber the Boston firemen are aiding in the annual “clean up and paint up” campaign in the Hub. One hundred firemen have been assigned for special inspection duty until May 15 and are working in conjunction with the thirty regular inspectors attached to Chief Edward I. Tierney’s bureau of fire prevention.

The firemen have discovered a great amount of rubbish and waste paper stored away in cellars and many hazardous conditions were found such as barrels of debris piled under wooden stairways, fire escapes blocked with household goods, etc.

The accompanying illustration shows some of the rubbish that was removed from cellars in McLellan Street, South End, Boston, by orders of the uniformed fire department inspectors.

Some of the Results of Boston Clean-up in Which Members of the Fire Department Took an Active Part

Abundant Water Supply for Flandreau—The recent test made of the volume of the flow of water in the test well of Flandreau, S. Dak., shows that the city has an abundant supply of pure water. The test well, five feet square, was sunk to a depth of 19 feet, penetrating three feet of sand and five feet of gravel. If the plan of sinking a well thirty feet square is carrierd out, the city will be provided with all the water it can use, with plenty to spare for use in emergencies.


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