Boston Firemen Hold Golden Ball

Boston Firemen Hold Golden Ball

The golden anniversary ball of the Boston Fire and Protective Departments was held in Mechanics’ Hall, Huntington Avenue, Boston, Mass., on the evening of Feb. 12.

Edward J. Powers, of Ladder Company No. 8, was floor marshal; John M. Harrington, of Engine Company No. 30, was first assistant, and James F. McFadden, of Engine Company No. 7, was second assistant marshal.

Capt. John Leary, of Ladder Company No. 2, was chief of aids. The reception committee was composed of Fire Commissioner Eugene C. Huffman, Chief Daniel F. Sennott, Supt. Henry R. Thompson, of the Boston Protective Department: Capt. Joseph Shea, of Engine Company No. 41; Lieut. David Sheehan, of Tower 3; Michael J. McGonagle, of Engine Company No. 2; Edward J. Coveney, of Engine Company No. 25; David Murray, of Ladder Company No. 9, and Capt. Samuel McDonnell, B. P. D.

The receipts were for the benefit of the Boston Firemen’s Relief Fund of which Lieut. Fred J. Dobbratz, of Ladder Company No. 18, is president; Harry J. McNealey, of Engine Company No. 23, is secretary, and James J. Higgins, of the high pressure service, is treasurer.

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