Boston Has 3-Alarm Storehouse Fire

Boston Has 3-Alarm Storehouse Fire

Three alarms were sounded from Box 5234 in the Allston district of Boston, Mass., on the night of October 13, for a spectacular blaze that caused damage estimated at $100,000 to a paper storehouse of the Thompson and Norris Division of the Hinde & Dauche Paper Company, No. 119 Braintree Street.

The flames had obtained great headway and were breaking through the roof of the two and a half story brick building when the first alarm was sounded at 11:01 p.m. District Chief Joseph W. Shea ordered a second alarm at 11:10 and upon arrival of Deputy Chief John F. McDonough a third alarm was sounded at 11:23.

The storehouse, 200 feet long, 70 feet wide, and 45 feet high, was fully involved and the fire was threatening to spread to the adjoining frame factory of the Thompson-Durkee Company. This structure was wet down and several streams of water were played into the narrow aperture between the two buildings.

Five deck pipes, including Morse wagon guns and Eastman portable deluge sets, were operated besides 14 mobile lines. Chief Samuel J. Pope responded on the third alarm and took command. Other officers on duty were Deputy Chief Thomas H. Downey, Acting District Chief Paul Doherty, and Motor Apparatus Engineer James Ryan.

The storehouse contained 2,000 tons of paper stock. Several firemen suffered minor injuries. A huge crowd was attracted to the scene.

The all out signal was not sounded until 10:28 a.m. on October 14. A detail of firemen with several lines remained at the scene for some time longer, as there was much overhauling to be done. The total amount of hose laid was 10,950 feet of two and a half and threeinch cotton rubber lined hose.

The response of apparatus was as follows: First alarm, Engine Companies Nos. 41, 34, and 29; Ladder Companies Nos. 14 and 11, and Chief of District No. 11; Second alarm, Engine Companies Nos. 51, 37, 33, 10, and 13; Ladder Companies Nos. 26 and 15; Water Tower No. 2; Chief of District No. 8, and Deputy Chief of Division No. 2; third alarm, Engine Companies Nos. 26, 32, 24, 15, 23, and 3, and Chief of Department.

The covering assignments were as follows: Second alarm, Engine Companies Nos. 15 to 33, 19 to 28, 20 to 24, 24 to 37, 26 to 41, 28 to 29, and 32 to 34; Ladder Companies Nos. 3 to 14, 20 to 15, and 30 to 11. Third alarm, Engine Companies Nos. 16 to 42, 21 to 23, 39 to 33, 42 to 41, 50 to 34, and 53 to 37.

Wagons of the Boston Protective Department, two lighting plants, and a fuel truck were also at the scene, also emergency cars of the Boston Consolidated Gas Company and the Boston Edison Company.

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