Boston Has New Hose Wagons

Boston Has New Hose Wagons

Two new hose wagons have been delivered in Boston, Mass., by the American-LaFrance Fire Engine Company.

The machines are the type 75 combination hose and chemical cars with six-cylinder engines and with a capacity for 1,200 feet of 2 1/2 and 3-inch cotton rubber lined hose. The equipment includes a forty-gallon chemical tank with 250 feet chemical hose, one twelve-foot roof ladder and one twenty-foot extension ladder.

There is a Morse wagon nozzle of 1,100 gallons a minute capacity. A powerful electric search light is mounted on the front of the apparatus and the wheels are equipped with heavy duty pneumatic tires.

Engine Company No. 26 has one of the new hose wagons. Similar wagons have been furnished to Engine companies No. 35, No. 51, No. 49, No. 20, and No. 19. All triple combination pumpers are being replaced or altered so that engine companies will be two unit pieces, equipped with motor pumper and combination hose and chemical car.

The hose wagon of No. 26 has been fitted with the “RotoRays,” revolving fire department signal to distinguish the truck as fire department apparatus. This is one of the busiest companies in the down town “high value” section of Boston.

New Hose Wagon for Engine Company No. 26, Boston This apparatus is equipped with the Roto-Rays, signal. All engine companies in the future will operate as two-piece companies.

Commissioner Eugene C. Huffman and Chief Sennott are always keen to obtain the latest and most modern equipment.

Jackson, Mo., Purchases Apparatus—Jackson, Mo., has purchased a 350-gallon pumper mounted on a two-ton Dodge chasis.

Point Place, Kans., Has Open House—The public were invited to inspect the new Point Place, Kans., fire station. The erection of the fire station was financed by public subscriptions.


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