Boston Has Smoky 3-Alarm Fire

Boston Has Smoky 3-Alarm Fire

The Boston Fire Department fought a stubborn blaze in a one story block of stores on Blue Hill Avenue at Mattapan Square in the early hours of Monday, November 23.

The first alarm was received at 4:39 a.m. This was followed by a second it 4:43 and a third at 4:48. The fire was a verv smoky one and difficult to get at as the basements were piled high with goods and the wooden partitions between the various stores made it easy for the flames to travel the length of the block.

Chief Fox and Commissioner McLaughlin at the Mattapan Square Fire

Chief Henry A. Fox and Deputy Chief Frank Sweeney directed department operations. Many lines of hose were laid and the fire was attacked both front and rear. Cellar pipes were utilized to advantage.

Seven stores were burned out including those occupied by the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, the F. W. Woolworth Store, the United Cigar Stores Company, the W. T. Grant Company, a shoe store, the Reliable Hardware Company, and a clothing store.

Portable search-lights from the lighting plants of the Boston Fire Department were used to facilitate operations. The streams were supplied by American-LaFrance pumpers connected to post hydrants; 2 1/2 and 3-inch hose were used.

The “all out” signal was not given until 10 a.m. The total damage to the stores and contents was estimated at $100,000.

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