Boston Inspectors Discuss Causes of Fires.

Boston Inspectors Discuss Causes of Fires.

Chief Inspector Cabot of the inspection department of the Boston Board of Fire Underwriters, with the consent of the executive commitiee, has inaugurated a plan in connection with the inspectors’ work which is likely to prove of advantage to the department. It contemplates a series of meetings among the inspectors, to be held the first Saturday afternoon of each month for the purposes of openly discussing subjects of general and specific interest in connection with survey and inspection work.

The first meeting for the purpose was held last week, the subject being the causes of firts. It was shown that a large percentage ot the fires in Boston are caused by the lipping over or explosion of kerosene lamps, and it was suggested that some method should be adopted for enforcing the use of protected portable lamps. In treating the subject of ” unknown ” fires it was urged that the in imate acquaintance of each inspector with the risks in his district would aid somewhat in determining the causes of many fires which nrght he classed as unknown.

In regard to stoves, the frequent carbonizing of wood under zinc covers was discussed and the necessity of providing more air space lietween the bottom of the stove and the zinc was pointed out. In regard to fires caused by smokers and matches carelessly left about, it was suggested that the “ no smoking ” sign should be put wherever possible, and that employers should rule that no employee be permitted to carry matches about his person while in the building. The discussion lasted three hours, each inspector being given fifteen minutes 10 talk. The next meeting will be held February 6, when the subject will be continued. These discussions, as Mr. Cabot puts it, “ are not to solve the great fire problems of the day, but simply to exchange experiences and profit by an interchange of opinions.”

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