Boston Uses Lights on Helmets

Boston Uses Lights on Helmets

Electric lights, which may be fastened to the front of a fire helmet or carried on a belt at the waist, are among the latest innovations placed in service in the Boston Fire Department by Fire Commissioner Eugene C. Huffman.

Light on fire Helmet

These lights, each of which has two separate bulbs, are connected to a small storage battery strapped on the back or ide of the person carrying the light. The entire weight of the equipment is less than 10 pounds. The power of the lights is 4 volts and 2 amperes and is sufficient for one headlight to illuminate an entire room.

The Rescue Squad was the first unit equipped with the new device which is an adaptation of the Wheat Miners’ Lamp and is now being manufactured for fire department use by the Koehler Mfg. Co., Inc., of Marlboro, Mass.

Chief Daniel F. Sennott is much pleased with the operation of the lights and plans to have them furnished as regular equipment for engine and ladder companies. The accompanying pictures give an idea of the compactness and utility of the new lights.

New Fire Alarm Station in Woonsocket, R. I. A new central fire alarm office has been completed in Woonsocket, R. I. The instruments, all of the Gamewell make, include one 24-circuit protector board, four 4-circuit primary alarm board, one four-circuit secondary alarm board, one terminal and cross connecting board, one master clock, one fast and slow time transformer, one 12-circuit P. N. I., repeater, one 2-dial, four number manual transmitter, one box line recording set consisting of six 4-circuit Nonpareil register, six time and date stamps, and six Peerless takeup reels, two motor generator sets, one gasoline generator set, a 1000-cell F. I. P., battery, four 120-inch four-shelf metal battery racks and one motor generator control panel.

Chief Heyl of Madison, Wis., to Retire—Chief Charles Heyl who has held his present position for fifty years, will retire some time within the coming year.

Anderson, S. C„ Orders Ladder Truck —A Seagrave ladder truck costing $8,000 has been ordered by Anderson, S. C.; delivery of the truck is expected March 1, 1928.

Red Oak, la., to be Divided into Sections—In order to expedite the response of fire apparatus, Red Oak, Iowa, has been divided into four sections and each district is to have a separate fire whistle. This will tell the firemen from which section of the city the alarm was turned in.

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