Boston Uses Searchlights at Fire

Boston Uses Searchlights at Fire

Searchlights for the flood illumination of fire escapes and alleys in the rear of burning buildings are being used by the Boston fire department.

The old acetylene lights and water lights have been largely replaced by electric searchlights which are carried in a specially constructed searchlight wagon that responds to all second alarms or to special calls.

The equipment includes a Kohler lighting unit mounted on a Ford truck. Two large sized lights are carried and a half dozen smaller sized ones. Long lengths of water proofed electric wiring are connected to the lights to permit of their being taken into courtyards or up fire escapes.

Fire Commissioner Eugene C. Hultman and Chief Daniel F. Sennott of Boston, regard the searchlight car as an essential part of the fire fighting apparatus of the city. Since its installation about a year ago the car has demonstrated its usefulness many times especially in cases where ladder work is hampered by smoke and darkness at night fires.

Searchlight Car Equipped With Portable Electric Lights, Used in Boston

Flash lights are carried by all chief officers and electric head lights are furnished for the helmets of the members of Rescue Company No. 1. Boston believes in providing plenty of light for fire department operations. The accompanying picture shows the searchlight car and its equipment.

Portland Firemen to Tap Telephone Lines—Experiments have been made in Portland, Ore., destined to enable fire chiefs to tap into telephone lines to summon fire apparatus, much in the same way as the linesmen do. It will be necessary to readjust some of the circuits before it will be possible to do this.

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