Bows and Arrows for Firemen.

Bows and Arrows for Firemen.

To the Editor:

Some twenty years ago I suggested through the columns of a Boston paper that the fire department make use of nets at fires, where people were compelled to leap from the windows, which device has been in use for some time, although it is possible that it is not due to my suggestion, and equally possible that the same idea might have occurred to, many others.

The shocking loss of life that is now frequently attending fires in this country should cause to be considered every practical suggestion bearing upon the matter, and I would suggest that each piece of fire apparatus be provided with a bow and arrows, to which a strong silk thread is attached, connected with a cord strong enough to carry a life line up to the people whose lives are in danger.

If would not take a Robin Hood or a Hercules to send a twenty eight inch arrow from a good hickory or lancewood bow to the top of the highest building, and the sending of one. or even a half dozen such arrows, would be the work of but a moment.

I would also suggest that the thread, cord and rope be saturated in some solution which has fire-resisting properties ; I think tungstate of soda has this quality.

As FIRF. AND WATER is always in the lead in mattersof this kind, I would like its opinion upon this subject.

BOSTON, November 24.


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