Box 52, Association of Boston Meets

Box 52, Association of Boston Meets

The dinner of the Box 52 Association. Inc., of Boston, held at the Hotel Manger on the evening of November 19, was interrupted by a third alarm from Box 1245 for a fire on the upper floors of an old stone building on Lewis Wharf. Chief Henry A. Fox, of the Boston Fire Department, and members of the association hurried to the scene, returning to the hotel later.

John W. Recth, Massachusetts fire marshal, was the guest and speaker at the dinner. Those seated at the head table were Deputy Chief Albert J. Caulfield, head of the Boston Fire Prevention Bureau; Supt. of Fire Alarms George L. Fickett, of Boston; Mr. Reth; P. Hildreth Parker. President of the association; Vice-President Frederick W. Kurth; Chief Henry A. Fox, of Boston; Deputy Chief William Quigley and Superintendent of Maintenance Edward E. Williamson, of Boston.

Among those present were ex-Chief Daniel F. Sennott, of Boston; Chief William C. Mahoney, of Peabody: Deputy Chief James F. Hanna, of Milton; Frederick Blake, Manager of the Back Bay Patrol and Emergency Service; Joseph A. Blanchard, Clifford D. Sawyer, Clifford T. J. Sennott, George Y. Berry, William E. Dolan, Herbert K. Pratt, Harry J. Rockett, Charles A. Turnbull, Chief John Galway, of the Boston Fire Alarm Division, Lawrence J. Phillips, Robert Hoeh, Robert E. Fay, J. G. Moulton, Bartlett Tyler, William B. Cram, W. B. Corcoran, S. J. Tyler, John A. Molloy, Guy R. Merrill, Howard K. Spaulding, Arthur M. Wall, L. J. Nawn, Stewart C. Woodworth, Walter L. Connolly, G. U. Johnson, K. MacBain, T. F. Kilduff, Charles J. Curtaz, H. Belknap, John Caulfield, H. W. deVeer, H. P. Windham, James McCarthy, John Z. Fox, Chief J. Ralph Bacon of Weymouth, Harold C. Turner, George W. Austin and L. S. King.

President Parker presented Chief Fox with a traveling bag in behalf of the association, expressing the hope that it might prove useful when the chief attends the International Chiefs’ convention in Havana next year.

Several reels of motion pictures concluded the evening’s entertainment. Two relics of the Great Boston Fire of 1872 were received as gifts to the Box 52 Association Museum from Chief Carl D. Stockwell, of Burlington, Vt.

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