Box 52 Association Takes Trip

Box 52 Association Takes Trip

A party composed of thirty-three active members of the Box 52 Association, of Boston, Mass., two honorary members, and twenty-four guests left Boston in a special car attached to the 5:05 p. in. train on January 18 over the New York. New Haven, and Hartford Railroad for Providence, R. I.

President P. Hildreth Parker was in charge of the arrangements for the trip which took the place of the regular January meeting. Upon arrival of the train in Providence, the party was met at the station by Chief Frank Charlesworth and Honorary Assistant Commissioner George Blivens, of the Providence Fire Department. At the Central Fire Station greetings were extended by Fire Commissioner Elmer S. Cowan. Deputy Chief David A. Bigney, Acting Deputy Chief John H. Hale, Battalion Chief Charles F. Dyer, and Alfred C. Ames, Superintendent of Fire Alarm Telegraph.

By an odd coincidence shortly after the party reached this firehouse an alarm came in from Box 52 for a fire in a motor truck on Eddy Street.

A tour was made of the city in automobiles, visits being paid to fire alarm headquarters and stations of Hose Companies 1, 2, 8. and 23, and of Hook and Ladder Companies 1, 10, and 12, and Water Tower 1. The visitors were introduced to Battalion Chief Alexander McKay and Captain A. J. McAdams.

The party arrived back in Boston at 11 :05 P. M. after a most enjoyable trip. Charles A. Turnbull was in charge of transportation.

Among those who went were Bartlett Tyler, George W. Austin, Harry J. Rockett, Frederic Blake, Raymond B. Hemenway, Howard S. Patterson, Frank W. Regan, William E. Dolan, Edward Power. Harry C. Pratt, S. R. Kingman, Everett L. Turner. John A. Molloy, William A. Tighe, Guy R. Merrill, Herbert K. Pratt, John H. F. Connor, C. Elmer Gane, Charles J. Curtaz, James G. Moulton, Albert W. Daniels, Donald H. Kerr, Arthur M. Wall, Theodore E. Grant, George L. Duncan, Clifford Sennott, Laurence J. Phillips, Robert H. Field, F. A. York, Robert E. Fay. Alton H. Blackinton, P. H. Parker, C. A. Turnbull, Assistant Chief Henry A. Fox. of the Boston Fire I tepartment; Supt. Henry Thompson, of the Boston Protective Department; ami thief William H. Hill, of Belmont.

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