Box 52 Association Visits New York

Box 52 Association Visits New York

Members of the Box 52 Association of Boston made a pilgrimage to New York City over the week end of April 19 to renew some old acquaintances with the New York Fire Department. One well known member of the association was missed. Harry Belknap who was a member of the committee that arranged the visit, was forced to remain at home due to a severe cold. The delegation was in charge of P. Hildreth Parker, president of the club.

The Boston “sparks” were entertained by Dr. Harry M. Archer, New York’s honorary fire surgeon. At Dr. Archer’s home, the Bostonians were greeted by Chief John Kenlon, Honorary Deputy Chief Robert H. Mainzer, Assistant Chief Thomas F. Dougherty, Honorary Battalion Chief Albert Drevfous and Wm. Jerome Daly.

Chief Dreyfous gave an hour’s exhibition of some special motion pictures of fires and fire department activities. Chief Kenlon made a short address and surprised the visitors with his intimate knowledge of conditions in Boston.

On Saturday, Assistant Chief Dougherty, Deputy Chief John J. T. Waldron and Dr. Archer took the visitors to various points of interest in the city. That evening, the Box 52 Association staged an elaborate dinner party to some New York friends in the Hotel McAlpin. The visitors were guests of the Holy Name Society at its annual Communion Breakfast in the Hotel Astor on Sunday. At this function, Mayor James J. Walker made one of his wittiest and best speeches. Senator David I. Walsh of Boston, also spoke.

The Box 52’s were the victims of a practical trick one morning at 5 a. m. Some practical New York joker called the hotel, stated that he was a fire alarm telegraph dispatcher and announced that there was a three-alarm fire sent in from Box 704. The visitors responded as one man, only to learn that Box 704 was on the corner of Broadway and 33rd street, right under the windows of the McAlpin Hotel. There was no fire.

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