Boy Fired Barns in Little Falls

Boy Fired Barns in Little Falls

Confessions made by a fifteen-year-old boy in Little Falls, N. Y., cleared the mysterious origin of many barn fires in that section. Because of his age he can only be held on the charge of juvenile delinquency.

The boy would fire a barn and then return with the firemen, sometimes riding on the fire apparatus. He said that the excitement prompted him to do these things.

On November 11 he touched a match to some straw in a barn, He went to one of the main highways and then jumped on the fire apparatus when the company rushed to the fire. On November 17 he set fire to another barn by throwing a lighted match on a load of hay in a wagon shed. He later helped to remove a horse from this barn. A third fire was started on November 21 by throwing a lighted cigarette into some hay. The fourth blaze was started on December 1 by throwing a lighted cigarette among some rags.

It was believed for some time that the barns were fired by some incendiary. However, following a fire that he had started in a coal yard, police authorities had evidence that pointed to the youngster’s guilt. A confession followed.

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