Boy Sentenced for False Alarms

Boy Sentenced for False Alarms

A young man residing in Malden, Mass., was sentenced by a local Judge to the Shirley Industrial School, for his activities in sending false telephone fire alarms.

On April 8 and May 23 of this year, a 17-year old boy, is said to have telephoned to the Central Fire Station that a fire existed in a four-family dwelling, and that smoke was coming out of the kitchen windows. An alarm in each instance was set up on the transmitter to bring apparatus from various parts of the city only to find that both were false calls.

Chief W. J. Dooling with the assistance of local police inspectors worked for more than a month running down suspicious persons, until finally three persons were located who had conversations with the youth, and the latter told how he telephoned the department.

With this evidence the youth was brought into court and found guilty.

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