Three Commercial Tracks Housed in Shed Increase Fire When Tanks Let Go—Wire Glass of Eight Story Building Melts

A FRAME shed 50 x 100, used as a cooperage and housing three commercial trucks, all flush with the rear wall of an eight-story concrete building of the Eastern Folding Box Company, the Park-Sunshine Folding Box Company, the Industrial Dyeing Company and J. Lake’s Sons, manufacturers of hats, caught fire on Sunday afternoon, January 12. Heat melted the wire glass windows of the eight-story building, necessitating a third alarm.

The premises extend from East 4th to East 5th Streets, between Lewis Street and the East River waterfront. It was reported that the open lot where the cooperage and the automobiles were located was visited by some boys of the neighborhood who made a bonfire. The weather was inclement; it was raining and somewhat chilly.

The shed burned briskly and the flames were given added impetus when the gasoline tanks of the three commercial trucks “let go.” The neighborhood is a deserted part of New York’s east side not frequented much, excepting by those in nearby tenements. By the time the fire was discovered, the alarm sounded and the fire apparatus on the scene, the heat and fire leaping skyward against the manufacturing building melted the wire glass windows and entered at least three or four floors.

Deputy Chief Henry B. Helm, responding on the second alarm, sounded a third. Fireboat streams did effective work. as did a water and several hand lines. The building was equipped with standpipes, but no sprinklers. The paper stock furnished ready fuel, but within thirty minutes the fire was under control.

Three Alarm Fire in New York’s East Side Caused by Boys’ Bonfire

The building was equipped with scuppers along the edges of all floors which allowed tons of water to escape. These outlets are required in structures having concrete floors. They are equipped with clappers which keep out rain, snow and wind, but water from fire lines or water used for flushing runs, off very conveniently.

On some floors the fire extended twenty feet back from the melted windows. Three extra sections of the Salvage Corps were called to cover the stock. The fire fighting was in charge of the venerable Joseph B. Martin, Assistant Chief of Department.

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