Bradford Water Funds for Garbage Disposal

Bradford Water Funds for Garbage Disposal

The additional revenues from the water department of Bradford, Pa., have been diverted so as to be used for the purpose of maintaining municipal garbage collection and disposal. The figures as issued by the water department show:

Revenue from water prior to raising rate, $41,399.06; disposition: $7,500 to city; $33,899 water fund. Revenue from water after first raise of 50 per cent., $67,147.65; disposition: $36,000 garbage; $2,500 city; $28,597 water fund. Revenue after second 50 per cent, raise, $81,018.06; disposition: $27,000 garbage; $6,000 city; $48,018 water fund.

Water Bills Reduced—There was a considerable reduction in the water bills received by the consumers of Wappingers Falls, N. Y., for water rent and charges, due to the reduction in rates. Heretofore the minimum rate was $3 per quarter, but under the new schedule it is $1.50. The new rates are: First 500 cubic feet per quarter, $1.50; for all over 500 cubic feet per quarter the charge is 20 cents per 100 cubic feet. A charge of 25 cents per quarter for meter maintenance is made on each bill so that the minimum charge will be really $1.75.

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