Chief Croker, of this city’s fire department recently sent his report to Fire Commissioner Scannell, recommending the various firemen who should receive the medals for bravery during the years 1898 and 1899.

The Bennett medal for 1890 is awarded to Assistant Foreman William Clark, of hook and ladder company No 3 for bravery at the Windsor hotel fire, when he saved the lives of Mrs. Joseph Howard, jr., and her negro servant.

The Bennett medal for 1898 was awarded to Assistant Foreman John Hughes,of engine company No. 13, who rescued Mrs. Helen Hicks and her three children at a fire at 170 Greenwich street.

The Bonner Medal for 1898 was awarded to Assistant Foreman Joseph Quinn, of engine company No. 85, and the Warren-Trevor medal for 1898 to Assistant Foreman Andrew B Sweet, of hook and ladder company No. 0 for bravery at a fire at 105 Bowery.

Foreman William C. Braisted, of engine company No. 57 (New York) received the Stephenson medal for 1898; Assistant Foreman Andrew F. Fitzgerald, of hook and ladder company No. 21, the Bonner medal for 1899; Fireman of the First Grade John Fredenberg, hook and ladder company No. 14, Warren-Trevor medal for 1899, and Foreman Thomas Larkin, of hook and ladder company No. 20, Stephenson medal for 1899.

It may be noticed that in all probability the Bennett medal would have gone to Fireman Ford for his bravery in the Windsor hotel fire had he not had the misfortune to be killed a few months later by falling glass at a small one-alarm fire. The medals were awarded by Fire Commissioner Scannell on Wednesday last.

In connection with the above it must be mentioned that Chief Croker’s name headed the list. He had been recommended for the honor in 1898 while chief of the Third battalion; hut. in view of hie appointment as chief of the en_____ire department, be declined the honor in favor of the two men next on the list. These were Joseph Quinn and Andrew B Sweet, both assistant, foremen. They earned their honors on the night of March 18, 1898, when, assisted by Battalion Chief Croker, they rescued George Wilson at the Bowery Mission lodging house fire. Wilson was seen lying unconscious on a fire escape of the burning building Quinn. Croker, and Sweet climbed the hot fire escape, burning their hands. Quinn lowered the unconscious man to Croker, who passed the man to Sweet. At this moment flames burst out of the windows below the three firemen, and it seemed as if their escape were cut off. Sweet clung to the unconscious man and lowered him to the ground in safely. Croker and Sweet gained the ladder below, but Quinn was cut off by the flumes, and Battalion Chief Castles ordered the net into position. Quinn jumped and was saved. That feat earned Quinn the Bonner medal and the appointment as foreman of engine company No. 35. Sweet received the Bouner-Trevor medal and was appointed foreman of hook and ladder company No. 6 Sweet’s name appeared twice on the roll of merit for bravery.

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