Bridgeport Installs Telephone Fire Reporting System

Bridgeport Installs Telephone Fire Reporting System

Bridgeport, Conn., recently inaugurated its new emergency reporting system for fire and police. Women telephone operators, replacing male fire fighter personnel, handle the equipment which is connected to 485 street telephone call boxes. Switchboard crews are under the supervision of the superintendent of fire alarms.

Under the ERS program the fire and police telegraph alarm system, and its connecting telephone switchboards have been eliminated. All boxes and equipment in the alarms bureau at fire headquarters have been put up for sale and the personnel reassigned to other duties.

A specially designed telephone switchboard, staffed by two operators and a supervisor around the clock, is in operation at the ERS center. A teletype network links all fire stations in the city as part of the new system and is used to confirm assignments. Telephone call boxes have been placed in all general hospitals and in or near public school buildings. Direct lines from the ERS center to the homes of all key fire personnel have been installed in the event they have to be summoned in an emergency.

The Bridgeport installation is the largest of its kind in Connecticut. New Haven was the first to install the system in 1957 with 410 boxes. West Hartford established a system in 1961 with 90 boxes, and Waterbury followed in 1962 with 456. Bridgeport Mayor Samuel Tedesco, who spearheaded planning for the new communications setup, has signed a long-term-lease contract with the Southern New England Telephone Company for maintenance of the new system.

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