British to Conduct Fire Research

British to Conduct Fire Research

The British Government, through the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, has decided to establish a comprehensive fire research organization jointly with the Fire Offices Committee.

A Fire Research Board has been appointed, with Lord Falmouth head of Fire Research “F” Division and formerly Ministry of Home Security, as chairman. Members of the Board will serve in their personal capacity and not as representatives of any organization to which they may happen to belong.

The Fire Research Organization is something entirely new in relations between Government and industry. It is a joint organization in which industry and the Government are partnered. The cost is shared equally between them.

A fire research station will be jointly established. The capital cost is likely to be between £75,000 and £100,000 and the ultimate annual running cost up to £50,000.

The following are the broad subjects on which research will have to be undertaken:—(1) Research on fire prevention; (2) research on fire fighting; and (3) research on fire protection of buildings, fire-resisting properties of building materials, and elements of structures, safety of life in fires, means of escape, and the prevention of the spread of fire within buildings and from building to building; (4) research on other fire hazards—ships, aircraft, and special industry hazards.


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