Brooklyn Truck Company Makes Life Net Rescue

Brooklyn Truck Company Makes Life Net Rescue

An elderly couple, cut off by a roaring fire that involved their fourth-floor apartment at 464 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y., at 4:40 a.m. on March 31, were saved by leaping into a life net held by Captain Sal La Grasso and the members of Ladder Co. 113, New York Fire Department.

Flames roaring out of the apartment’s fire escape window, trees that covered the face of the building and a service road constricted with cars were but three of the problems confronting the fire fighters as they rolled in on the scene. The couple, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Godfrey, were poised on the window sill ready to jump, and directly beneath them was a 4-foothigh iron picket fence that ran parallel to the building a few feet out. While the hampered aerial jockeyed for position, the captain urged the people not to jump, at the same time ordering his men to get the life net off the rig. Fortunately the occupants waited until the net was spread.

The husband who was hanging from the sill was the first to jump, landing clear of the pickets. His wife, a heavy woman in her 50’s, then jumped, landing in the net but nearer the fence than her husband. Firemen had to maneuver the net partially over the pickets, 14 of which pierced the canvas.

The couple were taken to Kings County Hospital with only minor injuries, but the fire which “blew” and injured several firemen on inside positions, gutted the top floor and roof of the building and ultimately required the services of a thirdalarm assignment.

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