Bucket Fire Extinguisher.

Bucket Fire Extinguisher.

Every one knows the difficulty of keeping fire buckets full of water. When left in the buckets it gradually evaporates. The buckets should, of course, be examined and refilled periodically, but in practice men get careless, and not infrequently when required the buckets are found either empty or only half full. The plan of putting oil on the surface of the water to check evaporation is not to be recommended, whilst covering the buckets with paper is troublesome. With a view to overcoming these difficulties, Messrs. Messer & Thorpe, of 8 Quality court, Chancery lane, have designed and patented the arrangement which we illustrate on this page. As will be seen, the whole of the buckets rest in a tank which holds sufficient to fill them all. This tank is covered with a heavy lid, the Joint being made of felt which effectually filters any air that runs through it; the water cannot, therefore, become dirty, whilst its evaporation is checked. The handles of the buckets have projecting ends which slide between two guides, a lug being provided at each end of the handle which fits into recesses in the guides, and prevents a bucket being drawn out by the suction of the bucket above it. Taking hold of the handle to lift a bucket turns the lugs clear of the recesses into which they fit, and the bucket can then be raised. These buckets are made in two sizes, vis., the ordinary fire site, and also to weigh ten pounds when full, for the use of female servants.


A WORLD’S FAIR Clock.—In the German exhibit at the World’s Fair will be a novel astronomical clock, which was produced after five years of faithful labor by August Noll of Bierlingen, Germany. The clock is twenty-one inches high, nine feet wide and three feet deep, and indicates the time from one second to the last stroke of the year 9999. At the expiration of each second a hammer is lifted ; when a minute has passed an angel strikes a bell, and another figure sounds a bell of a different tone to announce the quarter hours, each of the latter periods being the signal for the appearance of another generation, from childhood to old age. A skeleton rings the bell as the hours are passed, and after he has finished the twelve apostles appear and bow before Jesus, who gives his blessing to all except Judas. When 6 o’clock tolls and monks with bowed heads enter the church, a night watchman appears and remains on duty, giving signals until 3 A. M., when a rooster crows and the watchman is relieved from duty and disappears. At Christmas time the child Jesus, with the shepherds, makes his appearance and hymns are sung. A trumpeter announces the birth of each new’ year. The four seasons, indicated by symbolic figures and other devices, show the change of the months, sun, moon and constellations, while yet others give the correct change of the date, month, year and signs of the zodiac up to the year 10,000. By means of ingenious mech anism the functions of this wonderful work can be shown in twenty minutes.


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