Buffalo-Ford Fire Apparatus Tested

Buffalo-Ford Fire Apparatus Tested

In a special demonstration held at the Ford Motor Company plant in Buffalo, N. Y., recently, before a group of about 300 fire chiefs and Ford dealers from New York State and Pennsylvania, a new 500-gallon pumper built by the Buffalo Fire Appliance Corporation, Buffalo, N. Y., mounted on a regular Ford V-8 Truck Chassis, gave quite a satisfactory performance.

The apparatus was parked on the dock at the Ford plant and drew water from the harbor, up a 19-foot lift, and a test showed that with this high lift, the pumper delivered 465 gallons per minute, at 120 lbs. pump pressure.

This same apparatus, a few days before in another test, made at the Buffalo Marine Airport, delivered 513 gallons per minute at 120 lbs. pump pressure, with a 12 foot lift.

A few days previous to the demonstration at the Ford plant, this new fire fighting unit passed a 12 hour Underwriters’ Test.

In commenting on the tests and demonstrations, Ford and Buffalo l ire Appliance officials said, “After exhaustive experiments, we are now able to offer small municipalities adequate fire fighting apparatus at a price within the range of community budgets.

The accompanying pictures illustrate the recent demonstration at the Buffalo Ford Plant and a closeup view of the new Buffalo-Ford 500-gallon pumper.

Views of the Buffalo-Ford Fire Apparatus demonstration of the 500-gallon pumper

and lower a close-up view of the apparatus.

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