Bulletin Issued by Motion Picture Producers

Bulletin Issued by Motion Picture Producers

The Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America of which Will H. Hays is president, is distributing several thousand copies of a bulletin which preaches the safe handling of motion film.

The bulletin describes the constituents of motion picture film, gives some suggestions offered by several branch exchange managers, the illegal transportation of film and the value of fire drills.

Fire Hose for Drinkers

The headquarter Fire station of Tulsa, Okla., is no haven for habitual drunkards—at least that is what Chief Wesley believes. In the future if any hilarious intoxicant feels the urge to walk into station No. 4 and spread joy, he will be greeted with a cold sobering stream of water. Since the police headquarters, which formerly adjoined the fire station, was moved, First street drunks have been staggering as far south as Second street. Some have found it diificult to get beyond the fire station. There they stopped to tell their troubles to firemen and comment on the shining fixtures of fire engines. Firemen have tired of their praise and hence the order to turn the hose on the next staggering imbiber who darkens the door of No. 4 station.

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