Bungalow Station for White Plains, N. Y.

Bungalow Station for White Plains, N. Y.

A new bungalow type fire station is to be erected in White Plains, N. Y., and the following illustrations are reproduced through the courtesy of Chief H. Abbot Griffen of the White Plains fire department.

The building will be constructed of stucco with a slate roof

and has been designed somewhat along the lines of English architecture. The section of the cellar which is underneath the apparatus floor is unexcavated and in the dug-out portion, will be the work room, acid room, heating equipment and coal storage. The maximum dimensions of the building are about seventy by fifty feet.

Front Elevation of White Plains, N. Y., Bungalow Type Fire Station.

The apparatus room is to have a brick floor and a glazed brick wall with six large windows, a side door and a front door of leaded glass. The living room has a large fire place and will be very homelike. From this room there is access to an inviting porch in the rear. The other features are as shown in the plan.

On the second floor are the dormitories, officer’s room, wash room locker room and store room. From the officers’ room there is a door leading to a balcony with an iron rail. Quick access is provided from all rooms to the two brass sliding poles which run to the apparatus floor.


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