Burlington Fire Report.

Burlington Fire Report.


Burlington, Vt., is making improvements to its already well equiped and thoroughly efficient fire department, which, in proportion to size, and according to the mayor’s message, claims to have had the “smallest fire loss of any city in the United States.” The estimated value of property involved by insurance was $767,000, the loss, fully covered by insurance, was $9,085.41, exclusive of $988.30, insured losses in cases where the department was not called—making a total of insurance paid, $10,073.71. During the year the department responded to 100 alarms—10 more than in 1907, besides an out-of-town call. The department, of which C. A. Niles.is chief, consists of 20 regular men and 24 call men. Its apparatus is as follows: Fourthclass Button steamer; Babcock double-tank, 50gal. chemical engine; 2-horse hose wagon, 3; hook and ladder truck; chief’s wagon; exercise wagon; sleighs and sleds; 6,800 ft. of good hose. Five additional alarm boxes were installed last year and five more authorised. A new combination hose and chemical wagon is being constructed to take the place of the present chemical wagon, and 1,000 ft. of new hose ordered. Chief Niles makes the following recommendations; The purchase of a new hook and ladder truck; a suitable building for storing wagons, etc., when not in use; the installation of more fire alarm boxes and another 5 miles of new wire; the immediate installation of a pump on the hill suitable for good fire service; attaching to the pump at the lake-front a pipe capable of delivering a 2-in. to 4-in. stream in case of a large fire; the setting of additional hydrants. During the past year six young horses have replaced the same number that had outgrown their usefulness, and has added a motor-generator and another regular fireman.


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