Business Building Destroyed in Rushville, Ind.

Business Building Destroyed in Rushville, Ind.

The building owned by Owen L. Carr in South Main Street, Rushville, Ind., and occupied by Mullins & Taylor and Carr’s garage, caught fire shortly after midnight from unknown cause on June 28, and before the fire was extinguished was practically destroyed. The intense heat of the fire broke window panes in the Scanlon Hotel, fifty feet north, and the guests of the

hotel fled in scant attire when dense smoke filled their rooms. The building, however, was saved by the firemen. The fire department was much hampered in its work by lack of proper equipment, it being stated that three of the five nozzles in use were unserviceable. Five streams were used in fighting the fire. The loss was estimated at about $65,000.

Smoky Fire in Wichita Falls Building

The fire department of Freeport, N. Y., is considering the addition of a new motor fire truck in its department and the introduction of a modern fire alarm system.

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