Business First Will be Slogan of Chiefs’ Convention

Business First Will be Slogan of Chiefs’ Convention

Board of Directors of I. A. F. E. Adopts the Policy of More Business and Less Pleasure—Topics Chosen—Pump Tests to Be Resumed

DECIDING on a list of topics embracing practically every subject of timely interest and importance to the fire protection world, the officers and directors of the International Association of Fire Engineers, in executive session at Buffalo, April 15, laid out plans which promise to make the annual convention one of the most instructive and educational sessions the organization has had in a long while. August 19-22 inclusive was definitely set as the date of the convention which is to be held at Buffalo. Headquarters will be at the New Statler Hotel. Chief C. W. Bywater, President, made plain his policy of more business and less entertainment, in which he was fully and wholeheartedly upheld by all those present. Arrangements were made accordingly.

Chief Wm. H. Bywater, Salt Lake City, Utah, President, I. A. F. F.

Other than choosing the topics and setting the date, important matters taken up were the proposed twelvehour test of small capacity pumping engines, and the question of appointing a permanent secretary which was referred to the Executive Committee by the last convention. After considerable discussion, it was decided to hold the test and invite all fire apparatus manufacturers to take part. The plan of placing the secretaryship on a full-time basis was found to he impracticable at this time, since the organization is not in strong enough position financially to stand the additional outlay necessary.

The business sessions of the convention will be held in the grand ballroom of the New Statler Hotel which will comfortably accommodate fifteen hundred persons. The exhibits will he housed in an armory building, about a ten-minute walk from the headquarters hotel, and it was decided also to hold the Round Table discussion here. Suitable space will be set aside in the exhibit hall.

Among the other business transacted, $75 was voted to Chief James Armstrong as compensation for proofreading the last printed proceedings, and the secretary was also instructed to negotiate for a reduced railroad fare for the delegates.

Chief George W. Hedden, newly appointed head of the Buffalo Fire Department, was on hand and gave assurance that no effort would be spared to properly take care of the convention.

The Topics Selected

Of the many suggested topics submitted to President By water and Secretary Mulcahey, the following were selected as representing matters of greatest concern right now to fire chiefs:

THE IMPORTANCE OF CO-OPERATION BETWEEN FIRE AND WATER Departments—Assigned to Frank C. Jordan, Secretary, Indianapolis Water Company.

WHAT A FIRE CHIEF’S CABINET CAN Accomplish—Sherwood Brockwell. Engineer, North Carolina Insurance Department, and ex-Chief of Raleigh.

HAZARDS OF DOMESTIC FUEL OIL Burners—Engineers Newell and Welborn, National Board of Fire Underwriters.


PARKING REGULATIONS AND FIRE Apparatus—Chief Ross B. Davis of Philadelphia appointed Chairman Traffic Committee to submit report.

ORGANIZATION OF THE SMALLER FIRE Department—Chief A. L, Duckett. Asheville. North Carolina, appointed Chairman of committee to submit report.

PROPER CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF FIRE Hydrants—Chief August Gerstung, Elizabeth, N. J.

FIRE HAZARDS OF Radio—Will be assigned to Dr. A. N. Goldsmith, Chief Engineer Radio Corporation of America, or some other recognized authority.

PROPER LUBRICATION OF MOTOR FIRE Apparatus—By a Lubrication Engineer of the Vacuum Oil Company.


Round Table Discussion to Be Featured

It is planned to give the Round Table discussion more attention this year than heretofore. Not only will plenty of time be allotted for this feature, but Secretary Mulcahey will prepare shortly a list of pertinent subjects that can be used as a basis for discussion and mail a copy of this list to each of the members in advance of the convention so they can come prepared to give their opinions and relate experiences.

Those in Attendance

Officers, directors and others present at the meeting:

Chief Wm. H. Bywater, Salt Lake City, Utah, President.

Chief Sam. B. Boyd, Knoxville, Term., Second Vice-President.

Chief James J. Mulcahey, Yonkers, N. Y., Secretary.

Chief Peter B. Carter, Camden, N. J„ Treasurer.

Chief August Gerstung, Elizabeth, N. J., Director.

Chief Ross B. Davis, Philadelphia, Pa., Director.

Chief George L. Johnson, Waltham, Mass., Director.

Chief George W. Hedden, Buffalo.

Chief James Armstrong, Kingston, Ont.

Chief James M. Casey, Cambridge, Mass.

Chief John O’Brien, Indianapolis, Ind.

Deputy Chief John C. McDonnell, Chicago.

George W. Booth, Chief Engineer National Board of Fire Underwriters, N. Y.

Joseph H. Green, General Manager; Frederic E. Bensen, Metropolitan Sales Manager, and Michael Crane, Special Representative, Eureka Fire Hose Department, U. S. Rubber Co., New York.

Joseph A. Webber. American-LaFrance Fire Engine Co., N. Y. A. L. Tinker. Gamewell Fire Alarm Tel. Co., New York. George F. Cobb, Boston, Mass.

I. H. Case, Gen. Manager, FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, N. Y. Fred. Shepperd, Editor, Fire Engineer, New York.

Former Chief Edward P. Murphy, of Buffalo, First Vice-President of the Association, was on hand for a short while at the meeting, but took no active part.

Chief Thomas R. Murphy, Chairman of the Exhibit Committee, was not present, but mailed his report to President Bywater. He wired that he did not consider his presence of sufficient importance to warrant putting the association to the expense of his long trip.


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