The items in these columns have been procured from special and reliable sources for this publication. When writing about them, please give FIRE AND WATER as your authority.

WATERWORKS, Zanesville, Ohio. —The waterworks department here is agitating the question of filtration.

WATERWORKS SYSTEM, Sarcoxie, Mo.— The waterworks department here Is In need of a system.

NEW MAINS, Missouri Valley, la.—Charle, W. Forde, superintendent or waterworks writes that 400 feet of new mains will be laid this spring.

FIRE HYDRANTS AND BETTER PRESSURE, Chicopee, Mass.-Chief Pomphret recommends the setting of additional fire hydrants and better pressure for Aldenville.

CAST IRON PIPE, Dixon, Ill.-Two thousand six hundred feet of cast iron pipe to be laid in the spring by the Dixon Water company. John Wasiey. engineer.

PUMPING ENGINE, Michigan City, Ind.-A 5,000,000-gallon pumping engine to be Installed in the summer. A. W. Freh9e, superintendent.

METERS, 8elma, Ala.—Some new meters may possibly be placed. H. A. Haralson, superintendent.

PIPE AND TAPS. Collingwood, Ohio.-C. G. Beckwith, superintendent, writes that there is “aboutone and one half miles of pipe to lay yet and taps to be made in spring.”

I STAKE,Marquette,Mich —A new forty-twoinch Intake next season early in spring. John P Kern, secretary.

PIPE, Auburn, Ind.—James L. Lewis, superintendent, writes that half a mile of pipe will soon be laid.

MAINS, Albion, Mich.—F. W. Culver, superintendent, writes that the mains will be extended two miles this coming spring.

PIPE, Holland, Mich.—James De Young, superintendent, writes that next summer the department will lay pipe.

WATERWORKS, Kissimee City. Fla.-Tbe citizens of;this place are agitating the question of waterworks for fire protection.

WATERWORKS IMPROTEMENTS, Dallas, Tex.—Bids will be received until January 10 for the improvements to waterworks system in this city. B. E Cabell, mayor.

WATERWORKS SYSTEM, Galt, Mo.-The question of erecting a waterworks system is being considered.

WATERWORKS BONDS, Lake Park, la.— This place has voted to issue bonds for waterworks.

WATERWORKS, Manito. Ill.—J. C. Wallace, of Champaign, Ill., has prepared plans and specifications for a waterworks system. Construction to begin in spring.

WATERWORKS BONDS, Wickliffe, Ky. —This place has voted to Issue $10,000 In bonds for waterworks. H. Bulling, mayor

WATERWORKS. Cedar City,Utah.-The city council is considering the question of erecting a waterworks system, Including a reservoir, etc.

WATERWORKS BONDS, Weiser, Idaho.— Bonds to the amount of $25,000 have been sold for the purpose of erecting a waterworks system C. S. Fosseiman, secretary board’of trade.

COMPOUND PUMP, Trenton, Mo.-J. L. Marsden, superintendent of waterworks, writes that a new 1,500.000-gallon compound pump will soon be installed.

NEW BOILERS, Kewanee, Ill—John E.Shepardson, superintendent of waterworks, writes that new boilers are contemplated for the department.

EXTENSION OF SEWERAGE, Grenada, Miss.—The waterworks department will soon extend their sewerage system. J. B. Smller, superintendent.

FIRE HYDRANTS, Hopkinsville. Ky.-T. W. Morris, superintendent of waterworks, writes us that the department will require twelve fire hydrants next spring.

WATER SUPPLY, Great Barrington, Mass.— The question of Increasing the water supply is being discussed. Address Merritt L. Wheeler.

RESERVOIR,North Adams,Mass.—A storage reservoir recommended here. Address Mayor Wilkinson.

WATERWORKS PUMP, Independence, Mo.—R. D). Wirt, superintendent, writes that a new pump will soon be Installed.

COMPOUND CONDENSING PUMP, Paris, 111 —We are Informed that the waterworks department is contemplating putting In a new compound condensing pump In June. Address Louis E* Fisher, superintendent.

WATERWORKS. Stowe, Vt—F. O. Burt, superintendent waterworks, writes that the supply will probably be Increased and that larger mains will be put In.

ALTERATION TO PUMPING STATION, Cleveland, Ohio.—For particulars apply to W. P Rice, director of public works.

CASTIRON PIPE, Middlebury, Vt.—Proposals till February 1,1901.

WATER SYSTEM, Yardley, N.J.—A syndicate proposes to build a complete water system. Benjamin C. Warwick, Philadelphia

WATER COMPANY, Camden, N. J – The Long Island Electric, Gas.and Water company has been incorporated here; capital, $500,000. G. H. Martin, Camden, N. J.

PUMPING ENGINES, New York City.-Proposals received up to January 17, 1901, for furnishing materials, building and erecting pumping engines, boilers and appurtenances for nigh-service at new aqeduct between Tenth avenue and Harlem river. William Dalton, commissioner.

HOOK AD LADDER TRUCK,Sumter, S.C. —H. B. Bloom chief engineer, w rites that a new hook and ladder truck will probably be purchased.

HOSE CARTS, New Iberia, La.—The fire department Is contemplating the purchase of a number of hose carts. Samuel Well, fire company, No. 5.

HOSE, Concord, N. C.—The fire department is contemplating the purchase of 1,000 feet of hose. Address George M. Mun, chief engineer.

HOSE AND FIRE ALARM SYSTEM, Somersworth, N.H.—Jerry Murray,chief engineer, writes that the department will purchase hose and will also install a fire alarm system.

COMBINATION HOSE AND CHEMICAL WAGON AND HOSE, Medford, Mass.-The fire department is contemplating the purchase of a combination hose and chemical wagon and 1,000 feet of hose. Charles E. Bacon, chief.

HOSE, Coffeyville,Kan.—The fire department Is contemplating the purchase of 500 feet of hose. Address F. A. Reynolds, chief engineer.

UNIFORMS, Van Buren, Ark —H. C. Pernot, chief engineer, writes that twenty five uniforms will be purchased for the department.

COMBINATION ENGINE AND HOSE WAGON, Sacramento, Cal.—Bids will be received at office of the city clerk until January 7, for one combination chemical engine and hose wagon, to be equipped with one 60 gallon tank, ladders, lanterns, and all necessary equipment pertaining to a service apparatus. M. J. Desmond, city clerk.

HOOK AND LADDER TRTCK, Youngstown, Ohio.—A new hook and ladder truck is to be purchased for the fire department of this city. Address D. H. Sebring.

NEW FIRE COMPANY, McKees Rocks, Pa. —A new company In the volunteer fire department of Mckees Rocks organized, to be known as engine company No 4. J. Stroud, captain.

FIRE HOSE, Los Angeles, Cal.—Board of fire commissioners is talking of another purchase of fire hose. The department is insufficiently equipped with the water bearing colls to insure the best results, and the board Is anxious to secure several thousand feet more.

PATROL WAGON. Flint, Mich—A proposition is on foot to instal a metropolitan police department here, with complete apparatus for caring for the work of the city. A new patrol wagon will be purchased.

FIRE PROTECTION, Onaway, Mich.—A special election w ill be held at Onaway on Dec. 27, to vote on the question of bonding the village for $3,650, for fire protection.

FIRE ENGINE, Menasha, WIs.-The city council Is discussing the question of purchasing a fire engine.

APPARATUS AND EQUIPMENT, Kutztown, Pa.-Kutztown’s fire company will hold a hall to raise funds for paraphernalia and equipment.

FIRE STATION,Akron, Ohio —The city commissioners have purchased a lot on NortbHill, upon which will be erected a fire station.

FIRE STATIONS,Macon,Ga.—The city council has decided to erect a new enginehouse on Mulberry street, and another on the hill between College and Madison streets.

IMPROVEMENTS IN FIRE PROTECTION, Indianapolis, Ind. — Board of Safety held a meeting recently, to decide on recommendations to be made to the city comptroler, in accordance with the decision or the council finance committee on the ordinance providing for an issue of $140,000 bonds, for the Improvements in the fire department. The council committee anvised an amendment calling for an additional appropriation for a chemical wagon at the West Indianapolis house. The board of safety has also decided to ask for a combination hose,hook and ladder, and chemical wagon, to cost about $3,000.

FIRE ENGINE, Richmond, Va. W.G.Puller, chief of lire department, writes us that the department will shortly purchase a fire engine.

HOSE WAGONS, Greenville, S. C. — N. M. Mooney, chief engineer, writes that three horse hose wagons will soon be purchased.

HARNESS, Fulton, Mo Grant Duncan, chief engineer, Is contemplating the purchase of harness.

COMBINATION HOSE AND CHEMICAL WAGON, Marshall,Mich.—Andrew i iynn,chief engineer, writes that the department will purchase a combination hose and chemical wagon.

HOSE, De Pore, WIs.—New hose Is proposed for the fire department here. F. Crabbs, chief engineer.

HOSE. Hot Springs, Ark.—A. L. Crane, chief engineer, writes that 2,000 feet of hose will be purchased.

HOSE, Maysville, Ky.—The fire department will shortly purchase hose.

POMPIER LADDERS, Belvidere, Ill.-Frank McCoy, chief engineer, writes that pompier ladders will be purchased.

CHEMICAL ENGINES. HOSE WAGONS, AND AERIAL TRUCK, Washington. D. C — The fire department contemplates purchasing two combination chemical engine and hose wagons,an aerial truck,two chemical engines. Address F. Donnelly, clerk fire department.

PIPE. Troy, Ohio.—The question of laying more pipe Is being discussed.

HOSE, Beatrice, Neb.—The fire department will purchase 1,000 feet of hose. Address John S. Walker.

COMBINATION WAGON, HOSE WAGON. AERIAL TRUCK AND ENG1NEHOUSES, Newport News. Va —W. K. Stow, chief engineer, states that two new enginehouses will be erected, also states that a combination wagon, hose wagon, aerial truck, and 1,000 feet of hose will soon be purchased.

CHEMICAL WAGON AND FIRE ALARM BOXES, Olean, N Y.—The fire department is contemplating the purchase of a chemical wagon and fire alarm boxes. W. H. Simpson, chief engineer.

HOOK AND LADDER TRUCK, Lexington, Ky.—the fire department is contemplating the purchase of a hook and ladder truck. Address G. W. Muir, chief engineer.

HOSE CARRIAGES, Hanover, Pa.—W. H. Long, chief engineer, writes that two hose carriages will be purchased.

CHEMICAL EXTINGUISHERS. La Crosse, Wis. —N. Bradfield, chief engineer, writes that the fire department will soon purchase a nnm of chemical extinguishers.

ENGINEHOUSE AND HOSE, Sheboygan, Wis.—The fire department contemplates the erection of a new enginehouse; hose will aleo be purchased. Address John Dandrok, chief engineer.

NEW FIRE COMPANY, Union Hill, N. J -A hose company for the protection of the north ern end of Union Hill is talked of. House and equipment will be furnished by the members and residents.

ENGINEHOUSE AND HOSE, Charlotte, Mich. —D. J. Donovan, chief engineer, writes that a new enginehouse will be erected; also that 500 feet of nose will be purchased.

HOSE CART AND HOSE. Reading, Mich.— The fire department is contemplating purchasing a hose cart and 500 feet of hose. F.D. Culver, chief.

HOSE, Jackson, Miss—Order will be given about February l, 1901, for 500 or 1.000 feet of hose. Address J.H. Taylor, chief engineer.

UNIFORMS AND HOSE, Clinton, Mo.-G. T. Davis, chief engineer, writes that the department Is contemplating the purchase of uni forms and hose.

HOSE, Winfield, Kan.—The fire department is contemplating the purchase of 1,000 feet of hose. Address J. E. Compton, chief engineer hook and ladder truck, Danville.

ENGINEHOUSE, Grand Rapids, Mich.—H, Lemoin, fire marshal,writes that new enginehouse will be erected in the spring.

HOSE WAGON, Mexico, Mo.—A hose wagon will probably be purchased. Address V. F. Morris, chief engineer.

CHEMICAL ENGINE, Sunbury, Pa. J. W Strob, fire department, writes t hat a chemical engine will soon be purchased FIRE ENGINE AND HOSE, Jacksonville, Ill —E. G. La Boyteaux, chief engineer, writes that the Are department is contemplating the purchase of a new fire engine and hose.

HOSE, Paris, Ill —Order will be given about. JuneorJuly for hose. Albert Owen, chief engineer.

HOSE CART, Phoenixville, Pa.—James N. Doran, chief engineer, writes that a hose cart will probably be purchased.

EQUIPMENT, ETC.. Kutztown, Pa-Fire equipment to he purchased for this place.

FIRE STATIONS.Springfield.Mass -The fire commissioners recommend the erection of a fire station at Glendale and at Forest park.

NEW FIRE DEPARTMENT, Ridgewood Falls, Minn.—A fire department Is to be organ ized here.

NEW FIRE DEPARTMENT, Ridge Mils. N.Y. Bidge Mills hose company organized. Joseph La Fountaine, secretary.

COLORED FIRE COMPANY, Hertford, N. C. —A colored hook and ladder company has been elected here. Equipments called for.

FIRE ALARM BOXES. Cripple Creek, Colo — D. J. Siryon, chief engineer, writes that the departments considering the purchase of six fire alarm boxes.

FIRE DEPARTMENT, Charleston, Ill.-A full paid fire department will probably be organ ized. Address Frank O. Huffman, 327 West Ttate street.

HOSE, Canton, Ohio.—R. O. Mesnar, chief engineer, writes that 2,000 feet of hose will be purchased.

HOSE AND LADDERS, Willlamstown, Vt — Ira H. Rowell, chief of tire department, writes that hose and ladders will be purchased soon.

FIRE DEPARTMENT, Wabasso. Minn.-A meeting has been held here to organize a volunteer fire department.

FIRE EQUIPMENT, Springfield. Ill – Mayor L E. Wheeler. Comptroler W. H Conkling, and City Clerk R. T. Hickman are investigating, with a view to purchasing the equipment for the new fire enginehouse.

NEW FIRE STATION, Wilmington, N. C.The Howard Relief tire engine company has decided to erect a new fire enginehouse. M. Rathen, president.

NEW HOSE, Atlanta, Ga.—The finance committee of council contemplates the purchase of new hose for the fire department.

NEW HOSE COMPANY, New Hartford,N.Y. —A new hose company Is to be organized here. T. D. Williams, village clerk. Is Interested In the project.

FIRE ALARM BOX, SMOKE PROTECTOR8, AND BADGES, Lebanon, Pa.—E. O. Hartman, chief engineer, writes that a fire alarm box, hose, smoke protectors, and a number of badges will be purchased soon.

CHEMICAL ENGINE. Mt. Clemens, Mich.—.Albert A. Ameel, chief engineer, writes that a chemical engine will be purchased.

HOSE WAGON, Salisbury, N. C.—The fire department is contemplating the purchase of a new hose wagon. Address M. V. B. Copps, chief engineer.

HOSE CART, HOSE. AND ENGINEHOUSE, Monticello, Ark —W. R. Hammock, chief engineer. writes that a hose cart and more hose will be purchased soon, and a new enginehouse will be erected.

HOSE. Fort Scott, Kan.—The fire department will purchase hose about next May. Address J. GAusman, chief engineer.

HOSE TRUCK, Steelton, Pa —Geo. B. Lehr, chief engineer, writes that-a new hose truck will probably be purchased.

FIRE STATION. Meridian, MISR. The fire department contemplates the erection of a new fire station.

HOSE. Benton Harbor, Mich.—Frank Jordan. chief engineer, writes that the fire department will soon purchase hose.

HOSE, Sterling. Ill.-The fire department contemplates purchasing hose. Address S. A. Stull, chief engineer.




SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED at the office of the Board of Trustees, “Commissioners of Waterworks,” of the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, until 12o’clock noon of Tuesday, Jan. 15, 1901, for the manufacture, furnishing, and delivery of Water Valves, Sluice Gates, and Mud Valves for the Settling Reservoirs and Tor the Pump Mains from the Eastern Pumping Station on the Waterworks Grounds, near the Village of California, In Hamilton County, Ohio, In accordance with plans, specifications and drawings on tile in the office of the Chief Engineer of the Board of Trustees, “ Commissioners of Waterworks.”

Bidders must use the printed forms, as none other will be received.

The Board of Trustees, “ Commissioners of Waterworks,” reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

By direction of the Board of Trustees, “Commissioners of Waterworks.”

Aug. Herrmann, President.

Chas. G. Roth. Clerk.




The items in these columns have been procured from special and reliable sources for this publication. When writing about them, please give FIRE AND WATER as your authority.

FIRE ENGINEHOUSE,Seattle, Wash—Plans are being prepared by the city engineer for a new $35,000 enginehouse on Jackson street and Third avenue.

FIRE ENGINEHOUSES, Detroit,Mich.—Two new enginehouses will be built on Crane avenue and on McDougal street. Cost about $26,000,

NEW FIRE COMPANY, Delanco, N. J.— Washington fire company No. 1 has been Incorporated.

FIRE STATION, Corsicana. Tex.—The council has determined to build an additional fire station.

FIRE STATION, Barberton, Ohio.—O. C. Barber has given the town a large lot on which to build a Are station.

SPRINKLING ATTACHMENT, Milledgeville. Ga. — G. C. Smith desires information on sprinkling attachment for a cotton mill.

WATERTOWER AND SCALING LADDERS, Rochester, N. Y.—The necessity tor buying a watertower and scaling ladders for this city’s fire department is being freely discussed.

HOSE, Buffalo, N. Y —Fire Commissioners Maloue,Grattan,Person, and Chief McConnell, appeared before the aldermanlc committee on fire. to again urge the necessity of purchasing additional hose and engines for the Are department. The fire committee voted to pur chase two fifths of the hose asked for—namely, 10,000 feet.

ENGINEHOUSES, Detroit, Mich.—A new fire enginehouse is to be built at 444 Crane avenue, to cost $18,000, and another for the same price at McDougall avenue, fronting on river.

FIRE STATION, Manitowoc, Wis.—Citizens will ask the city council for the establishment of a fire station on the North Side.

FIRE PROTECTION, Hedrick, Iowa.—The qnestion of fire protection is being agitated by the citizens.

FIRE ENGINE, Beaumont, Tex.—The Beaumont fire department expects to purchase an engine Boon.

ENGINEHOUSE, Seattle, Wash,—The new downtown fire enginehouse is to be built at the corner of Third avenue and Jackson street.

REMODELING ENGINEHOUSE, Allentown, Pa.—This city will soon have plans prepared for remodeling of enginehouse No. 5.

HOSE, Steelton, Pa—The city council contemplates the purchase of fire hose.

ENGINEHOUSE, Clifton Heights, Pa.—Bids are being received for the erection of a new fire enginehouse at Highland avenue and the railroad.

NEW FIRE COMPANY AND ENGINEHOUSE. New Rochelle. N.Y.—About fifty residents of Residence and Neptune parks are about to organize a new fire company. The city is to build a $5,000 fire englnehouse on Drake avenue.

ENGINEHOUSE, Chester, Pa.—The Franklin fire company of this city is preparing to erect a new fire enginehouse.

BETTER FIRE PROTECTION.Castana,Iowa. —The citizens are agitating the question of better fire protection, and recommend that the town buy a chemical engine.

NEW FIRE COMPANY. Canonsburg. Pa— A volunteer fire company has been organized here. Thos. M Reese, president.

HOSE, Baltimore, Md,—The fire board has decided to purchase 700 feet of hose, for No. 4 combination truck.

HOSE, Mancle, Ind.—The city council is discussing the question of purchasing 2.000 feet of hose. Part of the hose will be placed in the new West Willard street station.

FIRE ENGINE.Menasha.Wls.—The city Conncll of Menasha contemplates the purchase of a new fire engine for the fire denaitment.

FIRE ENGINE AND HOUSE. ETC., Pittsburgh, Pa.—Preparations are being made for a new fire englnehouse ON Eighth street, between Penn avenue and Duquesue way. The equipment will consist of an automobile engine and hose carriage and two horse engines and carriages.

HOSE, Fond du Lac, Wis.—The city council has decided to purchase 750 feet of hose and one dozen rubber coats to equip the fire department.

CHEMICAL ENGINE AND TRUCK,Amherst, Mass.—The Amherst fire company needs a new chemical engine and a light truck for the lad ders at Centre.

NEW FIRE COMPANY, Canonsburg, Pa.-A volunteer fire company has been organized here. T. M. Reese, president.

HAND FIRE ENGINE AND HOSE CART, Iome. Ore.—A hand fire engine and hose cart will be purchased.

FIRE STATION, Chattanooga, Tenn.—A new fire hall will be built on Carter street.

HOSE, Oshkosh,Wls.—The report of the committee on fire department advising the purchase of 500 feet of hose and that the city clerk be Instructed to advertise for bids was adopted. Bids will be received until December 19.

HOSE. Waukesha, Wls.—Chief of the fire department having asked for 500 feet of fire hose, on motion the mayor and board of public works were authorized and Instructed to procure sufficient hose.

FIRE STATION, Cincinnati, Ohio.-H. Hake, architect, has submitted a sketch of the new department building to be built at Riverside.

FIRE STATION, Camden, N. J.—The fire commissioners find they must spend an additional $1,000 In completing the new fire station.

NEW FIRE DEPARTMENT, Clarksville, Mo. —Attempts are being made to organize a new fire department here.

HOSE AND RUBBER COATS. Fond du Lac. Wls.—The council has decided to purchase750 feet of hose and one dozen rubber coats for the firemen.

TANK AND TOWER. Chilecco, Okla—Bids will be received by W. A. Jones, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Washington, D. C , until December 27, for the construction of water tank and tower at the Chllocco Indian school.

WATERWORKS, Moscow, Russia.—For Its population of over 1,000,000, Moscow will expend about $24,000,000 on new waterworks.

WATERWORKS, Whitehaven, Pa. — The building of a village waterworks system Is being discussed.

CAST IRON PIPE AND SPECIALS, Boston, Mass.—Boston needs cast Iron pipes and specials.

WATER BONDS. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.— Bids for $15,000 water bonds will be received up to December 24.

WATERWORKS, PUMPING MACHINERY, ETC., Grinnell, Iowa.-Up to January 1,1901, bids received for bulldlngwaterworkssystem, with dams, mains, pumping machinery, etc. The engineer Is George Cadogan Morgan, Chicago, III.

WATER MAIN8 AND FIRE HYDRANTS, Pittsburgh, Pa.—The setting of ninety-live additional fire hydrants and the laying of water mains or Increased dimensions are recommended by the National Board of Fire Under writers In New York for the downtown section of the city.

WATERWORKS AND SEWERS, Monterey, Mex.—Contractor Dady.of New York city. Is Investigating the matter of establishing com plete sewer and waterworks systems here, to cost about $3,000,000 gold.

WATERWORKS, Bakersfield.Cal.—The question of erecting waterworks system Is being considered by the city council.

IMPROVEMENT OF WATERWORKS,Spring town, I’a.-The Sprlngtown Water company has decided to spend $1,500 for Improving its waterworks.

WATERWORKS, Lewes, Del.-This city has voted to erect a waterworks plant.

EXTENSION OF WATERWORKS, La Salle, 111.—Mayor W. F McNamara has signed the resolution authorizing the extension of the waterworks to cost about 193,000. A. C. Tinkler, clerk.

WATERWORKS, Kokomo, Ind.-The city council is securing subscribers to the proposed new waterworks which It la proposed to build next year at a cost of $60,000.

WATER BONDS. Lynn, Mass.—The city has sold $25,000 water bonds.

WATERWORKS. Winooski, Vt -Report has It that the legislature has authoilzed the Issue of waterworks bonds.

WATERWORKS. Clenfnegos, Cuba.—The municipality asks for bids for waterworks, as well as for sewers and paving. Address Secretary del Muntctpio.

NEW WATER SOURCE AND RESERVOIR, Williamsburg, Maes.-Surveys lor a new reservoir and source of water supply have been prepared.

METERS, Wakefield, Mass.—Meters will be used on all services. Charles W. Dean. Edwin C. Miller, and Thomas E. Dwyer, committee.

HYDRANTS, Buffalo, N. Y.-Press reports say that new bids for 160 hydrants will be asked for.

PUMPING ENGINE, Niagara Falls, Out.-A bye-law authorizing the raising of $10,000 fora new pumping engine, etc., will probably be voted for next January.

WATERWORKS IMPROVEMENTS, Gaffney, 8. C.—The city will expend $4,000 for waterworks Improvements. Bonds will be Issued.

WATER SUPPLY, Paducah, Ky.-The city is to Increase Its supply. H. Fisher, city clerk.

WATERWORKS. Wyckllffe, Ky.-The city will Issue bonds for construction of a system.

WATERWORKS, Dillon, S. C.-The city contemplates the Installation of a system. Address S. S. Rozlbr.

WATERWORKS, Martlnshurg, W. Va.-The city will expend $2,225 In improvements to Its system.

WATERWORKS BONDS, Woodstock. Va.It has been decided by vote to issue $20,000 of waterworks bonds. J. H. Redeffer, mayor.

PIPE LINE, Lewiston, Idaho.—It Is reported that the Sweeney syndicate—W. A. Stevens, manager—will at once begin to build a large pipe line.

NEW WATER COMPANY, Richmond, Cal — The Richmond Water company has been Incorporated : capital, $10,000. E. S. Tewsbury and E E. Mint zer, of Marion county, and J. H. Nlchoil, of East Oakland, Cal., incorporators.

DAM. Auburn, Cal.-It Is proposed to dam the American river at Auburn. Jay E. Russell. 1424 Greenwich street. San Francisco, Cal

WELLS, STANDPIPE, MAINS. HYDRANTS, Pictou. N.S.—Seven artesian wells to be sunk; a 500,000-gallon standpipe to be built; nine miles of six to fourteen inch main to be laid; sixty hydrants to beset. Lee & Coffin, engineers, McGill University, Montreal, Que. and 53 State street, Boston, Mass.

WATERWORKS, Bakersfield,Cal.-The question of building waterworks 1B being considered.

WATERWORKS Laurel Miss.—Bids will be received until February 5 for the erection of waterworka plant. L. Slainton, mayor.

WATERWORKS, Bristol, Va.-The cllyooun oil Is considering the question of sterling a new waterworks system, to cost $25,000.

WATERWORKS, Nazareth, Pa.—The Tammany Cement Co, will build a $25,000 waterworks plant.

NEW WATERWORKS COMPANY, Scranton, Pa.-A company (so It Is reported) Is being organized to build works to supply certain portions of the city. W. Kline, promoter.

TOWER, MAIN, AND TANK, Dillon, S C.—It Is reported that a steel tower, 100 feet high, a 75 000-gallon tank, and 10,000 feet of six-inch water main are required here. 8. Rozler, lnlendant.

STANDPIPE, Indianapolis, Ind.—A standpipe to supply water to the parks Is to he built fn Rlvei slue park. Address Superintendent of Parks Power.

ARTESIAN WELL, Mellette, S. Dak —It has been voted to sink an artesian well here.

WATERWORKS, Webster Groves, Mo.—J. B Quigley, of Sedalla. Mo., has proposed to build new waterworks and to filter the Mississippi water. W. M. Daly, owner; M. W. Cronin, chairman.

STORAGE RESERVOIR, Golden, Colo.—Storage reservoir to be built here. Address Thos. F. Tucker.



SEALED BIDS FOR THE PUMPING PLANT Metropolitan Sewerage Station on Ward street, Boston, Mass., will be received by the Board of Metropolitan Sewerage Commissioners, at Its office Boston, Mass., until Saturday, January 12,1901. The Board will provide at the pumping station an engine house, holler house, chimney and masonry foundations for the pumps, engines and boilers; and will furnish fresh water supply for the hollers up to the Interior of the boiler house. The contractor’s hid for the plant must be for furnishing, setting up and completing ready for use. two triple-expansion pumping engines (or sets of engines), which shall be directly connected with and shall so operate two centrifugal pumps (or sets of pumps), four boilers of the vertical, water leg. Internally fired, tlr«-tube type; a fuel economizer; feed water heaters; a traveling crane In the engine room; piping and allthe necessary appliances and fittings such as are found In pumping statlonaof the best class. Bids are also to be received, as an alternate proposition, tor two vertical, luvertedtrlple-expansiori. three-crank flywheel pump,, with three single acting plungers under the cranks, and with the other apparatus above mentioned. Each pump and engine must be capable of easily raising 50,000 000 (fifty million) gallons of sewage In 21 hours, 45 feet vertically above the level of the sewage In the suction sewer at the screen chamber. Each pump and engine must also be capable of pumping at as low a rate as 20 000.000 (twenty million) gallons) per 24 hours, and at all rates between 50,000.000 (fifty million, and 20,000,000 (twenty million) gallon per 24 hours.

The foregoing capacities must he demonstrated by suitable trials. Bids must be accotn panted by a properly certified check for the sum of $1,000. The Hoard reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Plans, blank forms, general specifications and further Information may be obtained at this office. James. A. Bailey, Jr., Tilly Haynes, George A, Kimball, Board ot Metropolitan Sewerage Commissioners of Massachusetts. Win. M Brown, jr„ Chief Engineer and Superintendent.



OFFICE OF HOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS.— Seal«d proposals will be received at the office ofthisBoaid until February 16, 1901, at 2:30 p.m., for furnishing the City of Grand Rapids, Mich., with a permanent pure water supply of not less than ten million gallons per day, bidders to furnish maps, plans, and specifications for a plant, (a) to furnish water per million gallons, the plant to become the property of the city at the end or a certain time; (b) to be purchased by the city.

Bidders must submit, annexed to their proposals, such descriptions, plans, and drawings as may be necessary to show the essential features of the works proposed to be built, such as location, area, elevation, depth, and capacity of all reservoirs, the location of Intakes, tne route, profile, and hydraulic gradient and size, material and thickness of conduits or pipes, with all the necessary data for determining their carrying capacity, and a description and plan of pumping stations and pumping machinery proposed.

Each bidder must agree to furnish a bond in the sum of $-2MVH)0, with a responsible Hnraty Company as surety thereon, conditioned for the performance of the contract

The Board reserves the right to reject any

or .-ill bids.

Each bidder shall deposit with his proposal a certified check or certificate of degt;slt pay able to the order of Dudley E Waters, President,!!) the sum of VMi per cent, of his proposal, to be forfeited to the City of Grand Rapids as liquidated damages in case he shall fall to enter into contract. In acoordanoe with his proposal, should his proposal be accepted by the Board of Public works.

By order of the Board. Jos. Emitter,

President, pro tem.



SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED at the office of the Board of Trustees, “CommlHKlonerH of Waterworks,” of the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, until 12 o’clock noon, of Tuesday December IH, 1900. for the const ruction, delivery, and erection of tour self contained vertical triple expanalon crank and My wheel pumping engines, each of thirty million (30.000.000) U. S gallons capacity In twentyfour noura. an electric, crane of not less than thirty (30) tons capacity, and hollers adequate in capacity, ror the operationr the four engines,In accordance with plans and sneclflcatlonson file in the office of the Chief Engineers of the Board of Trustees, “Commissioners of Waterworks.”

The same to be paid for as stipulated In the form of contract for the performance of the above work, and which form of contract Is on file In the office of the Board of Trustees, “Commissioners of Waterworks.”

Copies of the specifications, plans, form of proposal, forms of bonds and form of contract can be procured by application to the Chief Engineers of the Board of Trustees, “Commissioners of Waterworks.”

Aug. Herrmann, President.




THE COMMON COUNCIL OF THE CITY of Yonkers. N. V., hereby gives notice that plain amt accurate plans ana specifications for the proposed work of constructing a Steel Recreation Pavallon and Elevated Approach thereto on the Yonkers City Dock have been prepared and placed In the possession of the City Clerk of said city, at Manor Hall, for public Inspection, and that on Monday, the 24th day of Decemtier, 1900, at 8 o’clock in the evenlng.the said Common Council will act In relation to the work proposed to be constructed; and that In the meantime sealed proposals for the construction of said work, according to said plans and specifications, with names of sureties for the faithful performance thereof, will he received by the Ity Clerk. The Common Council reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

By orderof the Common Council.

Leslie Sutherland, Mayor. John agan, Jr. City Clerk

Dated Yonkers, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1900.



RIDS Ol’tN DEG. 22.

SEALED BIDS FOR BUILDING SECTION 61 of this High level Hewer lu accordance with the form of contract and speolfica. Ilona to lie furnished by the Board, will tie re reived by said Board, at lta office, I Mount Vernon street, Boston, Mass., until 11 o’clock a m .of Saturday, December 22. 1900. No bid will be received unless accompanied by a certified check of $8,000. All bids must be made upon blank forms furnished by the Board. Some other particulars are estimated to he HS follows: Length, 2,806 feet; average cut to 16 Inches below Invert, 28.6 feet; Inside diameter 185 Inches by 160 Inches, plans can be seen and specifications and form of contract can lie obtained at the above office Each bidder Is re ipilred to make a statement Indicating what sewer anil similar work he has done, and to give references that will enable the Hoard to Jndgo of his business standing. The Board re serves the right to reject any and all bids.

James A. Bailey, Jr.,

Tilly Haynes,

George A Kimball,

Metropolitan Sewerage Commissioners. Wm. W. Brown Jr., Chief Engr.




HEALED BIDS FOR THE CONSTRUCTION of a Waterworks System for the Town of Laurel, Miss , will be received at the office of the Mayor, until 8 o’clock p. in., of tbo 6th da” of February, 1901, when they will be publicly opened ana considered. The work to he done consists of Steel Tower and Wood Tank, Furnishing and Laying 2 miles of 12 to 6 Inch Pipe, Specials, Hydrants, and Oates; Brick Pumping Station, 88*68; Storage Reservoir, 86,000 gabons; Two 110 HP. water tube Boilers and Steel Stack; 8,000.000-gallon Fire Pump, Boiler Feed and Feed Heater, Air Compressor, and Air Lift Pump and Deep Wells. Bklswlll be received on the entire work or may be considered on each portion and so awarded. Certified check for $1,000 to accompany bid. Pro missis must be made on printed blanks, furnished by the City, and in accordance with the plans and specifications on file, or tliev will tie considered ss Informal and rejected. Plans and specifications can be seen at tbo office of the City Recorder, or at the office of the Iowa Engineering Co.. 410 411 Weston Block. Clinton. la. Printed by order of Town Council.

L. Slalnton, Mayor.



BIDS WILL BE RECEIVED BY THE CITY of Waterloo, 111., until 7 30 p. ra . of December 18, 1900, for Machinery, Appliances and Material, and for the construction of a Municipal Electric Light Plant, In accordance with the official plans and specifications of said city. Bids must be sealed and addressed to Geo. w. Ztebold, Mayor, City of Waterloo, III. Certified check required for three per cent, of amount of hid. Plans and specifications are on file and may be seen at the office of the City of Waterloo, 111 , and at the office of Owen Ford, Consulting and Supervising Engineer, 710 Security Building, St. Louis, Mo. The right to reject any and all bids is reserved.

Geo. W. Zlebold, Mayor.

John Wlesenborn, City Clerk.

Machinery For Sale.

The entire Pumping Machinery of the Watertown Waterworks, consisting of —

Two “Deane” Compound Duplex Pumps— one 1,600,000 gal. capacity, size 12-In. by 22 by lljfby 18. (Jacketed). One 1,000,000 gal. capacity, size 12 In. by 22 by 10 by 18.

Two ” Deane ” Independent Condensers, slzo 8 by 10 by 12.

One Outside Plungor Boiler Feed Pump, size 6 by 2H.

Two Horizontal Tubular Boilers, 64 ln.dlam. 16 ft. tube.

Gauges, Piping, etc.

Also one Westlngbouse Standard Engine, connected direct with 6 In. Lawrence Pump, lnoluJlng 20 ft. 6 In. Spiral Suction Pipe, length of 6 In Rubber Suction, Foot Valve, etc

All the above are In excellent condition.

Water Commissioners,

Watertown, Mass.


THE SYDNORPUMP AND WELL COMPANY of Richmond, Va., writes us as follows:

We wish prices on chemical fire engines for small Vlllagos and Towns, Street Hydrants. Valves, Cast Iron Pipes and Fittings, In large lots, as wo will probably have two contracts in the near future calling for a large quantity of the above.


First-class double entry bookkeeper and correspondent Is open for an engagement. References of the highest character. Address Shelley Safeguard and Account Company, 818 Broadway, New York City.