But Where Is Fred?

But Where Is Fred?

ONE of the young ladies in our office handed us the following joke, so we have to use it or run the risk of getting in “Dutch” with her; and as she is the girl who hands us our salary check each week—here goes:

“I see Fred has a new siren for his car.”

“Is that so? What became of the blond?”

Probably she thought the reference to “sirens” would interest the fire chiefs, and judging from some of the attractive motor fire apparatus, as well as blondes and brunettes, that we saw down at Richmond last week, she is right.

However, we insist that the water works men are entitled to a hearing, too. They can speak for themselves, and often have, when it comes to attractive girls. Give a water superintendent half a chance and he will give a fire chief a pretty close run for his money—with the odds about even.

But when all is said and done—aren’t we all of us pretty much interested in a sweet, attractive little bunch of femininity wherever and whenever we see it?

We are—and that’s that; and if you see it in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING it’s true.

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