C-A Fire School Hears Chief Ferrier

C-A Fire School Hears Chief Ferrier

Chief Ferrier, in charge of the fire school at Philadelphia, Pa., delivered a lecture on practical fire-fighting before the Cheltenham-Abington Fire School at Glenside, Pa. The school is attended by representatives of ten fire companies which protect property that has a sum total value of $100,000,000.

Milwaukee, Wis., to Appoint Assistant Engineers—Chief Peter Steinkellner of Milwaukee, Wis., appointed five assistant engineers from the twenty-eight on the eligible list.

Kewaunee, Wis., Purchases Fire Apparatus—The city council of Kewaunee, Wis., purchased a Pirsch combination pumper and hose car. The equipment is mounted on a Ford chassis and will carry 1,000 feet of hose.

New Stations Recommended for Utica, N. Y.—The construction of three new bungalow tvpe of fire stations are recommended for Utica, N. Y., by Chief Joseph N. Sullivan in his annual report to the department of public safety. It is recommended that these stations replace Stations 3, 4 and 5 and that the lots and buildings of these stations be sold. This move is economical because of the saving in heating expenses.

Damaging English

English Professor: Correct this statement: “Before any damage could be done, the fire was put out by the volunteer fire department.

Krosh : “The fire was put out before any damage could be done by the volunteer fire department.”

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