C. C. STUTZ, M. E.

C. C. STUTZ, M. E.

In the May issue of The FIRE ENGINEER you saw an article by this distinguished gentleman which should and will prove of very big value to the studious and thinking members of the profession, of Fire Engineering.

Mr. Stutz is a native of Switzerland, educated in his own country and brought up to the use of the Metric system. He became an American citizen in 1890, studied the English system of measurement, used it for twelve years, returned to Europe as Chief Engineer and shop manager of a well known concern where he again employed the metric system in the manufacture of machine tools, engines, printing presses, etc., etc. Upon his return to the United States he took up once more and used the English System.

Thus it will be seen that his many years of experience in the workings of the metric and of the English systems in shop practice and general engineering work, coupled with an unusual aptitude and a most voracious appetite for the solving of problems of precision— measurements in mechanical and electrical practices, all combined give him complete mastery of the subject.

In his opinion the vast superiority of American measurements of precision, and interchangeable parts, based on the Inch—whose thousandth part is as easily used in our shops as the inch itself is cannot be successfully questioned.

Don’t fail—wherever you see the flat and wicked head of “Metric” set your heel upon it and screw around on that same heel.

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