Cadet Firemen

Cadet Firemen

Two cadet firemen are working for the fire department of East Cleveland, O., under a new system adopted by the Cleveland suburbs to attract recent high school graduates into the fire service. The cadet plan seeks graduates between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one, who take a regular civil service examination for appointment.

Cadets have the same duties as regular firemen and are subject to all department rules, except that they are not required to purchase the regulation uniform. At the end of a three-year period they become eligible for appointment as regular firemen with only a physical examination required.

The cadet receives $80 a month as salary in the first year, $100 a month the second year, and $125 the third. If he becomes a regular fireman, his pay starts at $150 a month and increases to $200 a month in the fifth year.

The value of the apprentice plan is in its aid in recruiting better firemen and the establishment of a longer probation period. With a three-year apprenticeship, the Fire Chief and the city Manager will have more opportunity to ascertain the fitness of recruits for work as regular firemen before they are finally added to the force.—News Bulletin, Public Administration Clearing House.

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