California Firemen Drive for Membership

California Firemen Drive for Membership

A membership drive is now on for the California State Firemen’s Association, which is to hold its next convention in Sacramento next August 21 and 22. A blue and red poster has been printed asking all California fire departments to help the association reach its goal of a complete California nembership.

The circular says in part:

“To secure state legislation for a state wide two platoon system, pension law for volunteer and paid firemen, and any other humane working conditions for the firemen of Caliornia. To create and maintain a brotherly and fraternal teeling and perpetuate a spirit of greater friend-i: , unong all true and accredited firemen. Also, the advancement of laws for the protection of life and property and fire • ntion.

“Help Us Reach Our Goal

“In order to secure the much needed state legislation, it is necessary that the Association have a large membership and this is only possible through the co-operation of you and your fellow men. regardless of title and rank. We want oi l need every tire-fighter in California as a member of the Association. and our present membership of 2300 is continually increasing. due to the fact that the tire-lighter is realizing that this is the organization he should support, as it iAssociation.

“In Unity There is Strength

“There are over 35 states in our country tha: «ve organizations such as the California State Firemen’Association, and all have proven of inestimable value to their members and departments. Be they large or small paid or volunteer. The benefits eventually derived will well repay your present consideration and action.

“Our membership is confined to active and iisioned members of volunteer and paid tire departments, and your support is necessary. Xo true fire-fighter will lo sitate in becoming a member.”

A list of fire department members of the association is given, besides a list of officers and the names of the membership committee. H. F. Strasser, 1171 Tenth S’ t. San Diego, Cal., is secretary of the association.

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