California Firemen to Meet at Long Beach

California Firemen to Meet at Long Beach

The fourth annual convention of the California State Firemen’s Association is to be held at Long Beach, Cal., on August 19 to 21. The program is as follows:

Wednesday, August 18

7:00 p. m. Registration. Engine Co. No. 1. 3rd St. & Pac. Ave.

Thursday, August 19

9:00 a. m.—Until Noon, Registration at Auditorium Annex. 12:00 a. m.—Buffet Lunch, Picnic Deck under Municipal Auditorium.

1 :oo p. m.—Opening Addresses: Assistant City Manager G. L. Buck. City Engineer, L. B. F. D.. W. S. Minter. Response: President Calif. State Firemen’s Assn., Jas. Radford. Memorial Address: Rev. Geo. M. Rourke. Reading of Financial Reports and President’s Report. Appointment of Committees. Submitting Papers for Discussion.

2 :oo p. m.—Auto Ride through City for Ladies. 2 :30 p. m.—Baseball game, Los Angeles-Pasadena Fire Departments. 7:30 p. m.—Reports and Discussion of Legislative matters. 8 :oo p. m.—Plunge party at Bath House for Ladies.

Friday, August 20

9 :oo a. m.—Reports of Committees. Discussion of Papers Submitted.

10:00 a. m.—Boat Ride through Harbor for Ladies. (Box lunch furnished by courtesy of Harbor Division L. A. Fire Dept.)

2130 p. m.—Baseball game between losing team Thursday and Fresno. 8 :oo p. m.—Dance Cinderella Ballroom.

Saturday, August 21

9 :oo a. m.—Unfinished business. Selection of City for next Convention. Election of officers. Installation of officers, 1 :oo p. m.—Demonstration by exhibitors. 2:30 p. m.—Baseball game between Thursday’s and Friday’s winners. 5 :oo p. m.— Barbecue at Recreation Park. 8:00 p. m.—A Night on the “Pike.”

Sunday, August 22

10:00 a. I11.—Fire Boat Demonstration at San Pedro. (Courtesy R. J. Scott, Chief Engineer, L. A. Fire Dept.)

The following papers are to be read at the convention, besides general discussion on any topic brought up by members from the floor:

“The Value of a Fire College to Fire Departments,” by 1st Asst.

Chief Samuel H. Dodd, Los Angeles Department.

“Care of Motor Fire Apparatus,” by R. H. McNeish, Los Angeles Department.

“The Necessity, of a State Fire Prevention Act,” by County Fire Warden S. D. Turner. Los Angeles County.

“Extinguishing Oil Fires,” by Captain G. G. Griswold, Santa Fe Springs Department.

“First Aid Work in Fire Departments,” by Chief W. S. Minter, Long Beach.

“The Firemen’s Gas Mask and Its Use,” by Edward Streidle, Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Paper on “Volunteer Fire Departments.”

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